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Surprises in ABAP

Long ago, we found some interesting text in an ABAP: A nice way of saying: "Don't touch my code" ;-) Thanks to Evert-Jan for finding the correct ABAP name in his archive. And a few weeks ago, Paul found this one: So, any other examples? Do you know some nice easter eggs within ABAP, please let me know. I know it is a kind of 'nerdy', but it is good fun ;-)

Web 2.0

Web 2.0... Hands up who can explain what it is. Difficult? Is it real? Is it a concept .... No worries, no theoretical discussion in this post. But please have a look at this movie. It will clear up things. And of course if you want to read more, there is Wikipedia on Web 2.0 . And, sorry some advertisement ;-) if you want to bring Web 2.0 into your organization, then contact us at TopForce .