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SAP TechEd talk on the Magic of Scrum in the SAP world

Magic of scrum with SAP from Twan van den Broek At SAP TechEd in Madrid I hosted two expert sessions, EXP299 and EXP300, to share real life project experiences on doing scrum with SAP projects. Interesting discussions, as most of the times the following questions arise: SAP projects can't be done with scrum, they're just too big How can you start a project without blueprinting How can you start sprinting without specifications An SAP team is formed with specialists, how to deal with that Multiple business representatives are involved, multiple product owners? Let me try to answer them shortly. SAP projects just too big? SAP projects can be big, cover a multi year implementation strategy, but it's just a way of splitting large programs into smaller projects that can be understood by everyone involved. Scrum supports you in focusing, what adds the most business value, it's better to work on something that you can oversee than on something that yo