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Real life composites

In addition to my SDN article: Composite Applications: Hype or Real , this time a real life story of our work at Luminus . The challenge Create flexible and easy to adjust applications that re-use SAP CRM, SAP ISU and custom Java functionality. As very often in our IT world, these applications had to be delivered quickly in order to be used by the customers and partners of Luminus. What we did We implemented the SAP Enterprise Portal for the external website . Customers can access this site to get up to date information on Luminus products and services. Web content management is handled with a third-party solution: easyWCM from BTEXX . In the registered part of the portal (customers only section) several applications are provided: MyConsumption: To enter meter readings and monitor your consumption BudgetMonitor: To monitor and adjust your budget billing amount CalculationTools: To calculate your optimal product on base of your consumption Partners (In- and O