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Search for new UI5 Top 5 - 2018

Remember last years UI5Top5? Well, here's the announcment for a new SAP Community Challenge - The UI5 Top 5 edition 2018. UI5 Top 5 - 2018 It is that time of the year to create Top lists and we will do that again with the #UI5Top5.

Recording the SAP Cloud Platform podcast

Live at SAP Cloud Platform podcast .

SAP TechEd Topic Top 10 edition 2017

With a bit of delay it is time to announce the SAP TechEd Topic Top 10 - edition 2017. Just like in 2016 I've gone through the list of sessions that were provided in Barcelona. Disclaimer: It is a simple process, just for fun purposes. All sessions are in an excel and I filter only the 2hr and 4hr hands-on workshops, lectures and the CodeJam mini editions (in total 520 sessions). Next is to count the number of sessions on a specific topic. List that out, sort and you'll get an SAP TechEd Topic Top 10 ;-) For all you nostalgic types: some history in the 2016 , 2013 , 2012 , 2011 , 2010 , 2009 , 2008 ones.

Searching for Leonardo at SAP TechEd Barcelona

Sure we all know Leonardo da Vinci . He was a great thinker but also a doer - put thinking into doing on a lot of different areas. So what about SAP Leonardo? This year at SAP TechEd Barcelona I thought to give myself a challenge - Find out who or what SAP Leonardo is.

Was our 9th sitNL the best sitNL ever?

A recap of our 9th sitNL, November 25 2017. Two technology tracks + one BI track. A lot of knowledge to share, inspire, learn and have fun with.

Recap sitNL Masterclasses - Hungry for more

A first edition of Masterclasses at #sitNL 2017: Machine Learning by Ronald Kleijn Mendix by Jan Penninkhof Cloud Foundry by Ted Castelijns

What about the blockchain, SAP CoPilot and once again mode 1 vs mode 2. Recap day 3 SAP TechEd.

Last day at SAP TechEd Barcelona. Find out more about Blockchain with Raimund Gross, a nice talk with SAP CoPilot with Stefan Kirchfeld and once again Jan Penninkhof and me on mode 1 vs mode 2. In summary: SAP Leonardo helps you to modernise your enterprise applications - as of today!

Day 2 at SAP TechEd - Machine Learning, Run Live Truck and family picture

On a mission to find SAP Leonardo, talk about our Run Live Truck, Family picture with Björn Goerke and Machine Learning by Urko Sanchez Sanz.

Recap day 1 SAP TechEd 2017 - Finding out who Leonardo is

First day of SAP TechEd with keynote by Björn Goerke, Design Thinking with Julia, Smart Building, Cosmo as warehouse robot and the SAP Mentors Jam Band. Replay keynote :

On my way to SAP TechEd 2017

Travelling from Eindhoven to Barcelona for SAP TechEd. A great event to find out what SAP Leonardo is all about. Stay tuned for updates.

Optimize comfort at home with SAP Cloud Platform and Alexa

Last weeks SAP NL Run Live Truck with Quinso for Remeha. We delivered a smart thermostat with SAP Cloud Platform and Alexa. Tight integration with your agenda, preferences and the weather forecast to deliver a comfortable home. Teaser

Create Crop Disease Alert App within one week

Recap of SAP Run Live Truck week 3, co-innovating with Waterwatch Cooperative , Infoplaza , The Next View and SAP . See how the 'pressure cooker' week in our Run Live Truck looks like.

Our truck at Agriculture innovation event

Week 3 of SAP Run Live Truck, coding live at Agriculture Innovation event .

Programming tennis at Girlsday 2017

Cold, really cold, in our Run Live Truck

Recap Week 1, Day 3 of the work in our SAPnl Run Live Truck. Finally we managed to get it warm :)

Working app in 3 days!

SAP Cloud Platform Apps within 24 hours

Recap SAP / VNSG Code4Good Hackathon 2017.

Best UI5 App in UI5 Top 5 plus recap UI5con Frankfurt

Recap #UI5con and announcement of Top 5 #UI5 applications.

SAP Cloud Platform - The Platform Formerly Known As SAPHCP

Check out the press release on SAP Cloud Platform as announced today at MWC17 in Barcelona.

Unboxing UI5 apps for the UI5Top5

Safe To Bike talk at SAP FKOM 2017

A recap video by Frank Basten and me about the Safe To Bike story.

Best UI5 app ever ...

I once saw PacMan built in UI5 at a CodeJam. And 5 minutes after that we got a demo of SAP Sports One, also built in UI5. Sure, we all know that SAP Fiori applications are built with SAPUI5. And yes, it is a powerful framework to use building your applications. But when I saw PacMan and Sports One, I realised that the framework offers much more than I expected. That’s how Suzanne van den Bergh and I came up with the idea to create the UI5 Top 5. A community search for the best UI5 app ever.

Software is like ...