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Testing out a new UI5 controller

A community search for the best #UI5 app 2018 - overview .

Meet the #UI5Top5 participants

You can co-create the SAP Community #UI5Top5, vote here .

What about virtual / augmented reality and UI5?

This years #UI5Top5 does not include AR/VR apps. What do you think? When will we meet AR/VR in a business context? Do you want a UI5 Top 5 in 2019 or do we focus on Immersive Experience (Augmented, Virtual, Mixed and Assisted Reality) in stead?

Meet the #UI5Top5 jury

Vote for your favourite #UI5 app here .

Vote for your favourite #UI5 app

You can vote for your favourite #UI5 app via this SAP Community blog .

Announcing the UI5Top5 finalists 2018

🥁 … Drum roll … 🥁 Here are the 2018 finalists for the UI5Top5. Happy to see so many cool community initiatives, trials that became pro looking apps, professional apps, new controls, … My ask to you – the SAP community – look at all the finalists and hit LIKE if you like what you see. Next to the judges there is also an important vote for the community (You!). We will count all the likes on the blogs from the finalists. Announcement of the Top 5 will be at the UI5con next week in Roth. See who made it into the UI5Top5 finalists at my SAP Community blog and vote for your favourite one.