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Material traceability made simple with GreenToken by SAP

  Sustainability is about trust, traceability and transparency. It is the most important challenge we face on our planet and GreenToken by SAP is a solution that supports organisations with: How to track certified green raw materials like palm oil or coffee beans How to prove your products are actually green How to report on other material facts as commodity origin, child labor free, ... GreenToken allows specified information about raw commodities to be captured and forwarded through the supply chain. This allows each entity in the supply chain visibility into where their raw commodities are sourced. GreenToken also provides entities’ visibility into the flow of purchased sustainable and non-sustainable commodities across the supply chain. Learn how GreenToken is using blockchain to provide material traceability. Your hosts: Gloria Figaroa , James Veale , Jan Penninkhof and Twan van den Broek . 📺 Replay 🎙 Listen