Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Agenda sitNL 007 - The Cloud Is Not Enough

Here's the scoop you were all waiting for ... the agenda from SAP Inside Track Netherlands. This Saturday somewhere in the Netherlands all saptd secret agents gather and share latest insights on all fun SAP stuff. The Cloud Is Not Enough, we want more. We want to reach out for space

Anyway, thanks to 25 (!!) great speakers we were able to establish our agenda for 2015.

TimeMission 1Mission 2Mission 3
Welcome and opening

You shall PaaS - SAP HANA Cloud Platform is at the core of SAP's tech/cloud strategy... so, what's coming up

A glance into the future of Design Studio and a first look at the new Design Studio book

A recap of the highlights of the SAP TechEd mobility track

Introduction to functional programming in Elixir

Advanced analytics: algorithm programming made easy. Find new insights using SAP Predictive Analytics and deploy this to a broader community that has no affinity with advanced analytics using HANA application

What's new in Fiori and Fiori Launchpad. Based on Teched and my upcoming SAP Press e-book

One flaw to rule them all. A practical example of hacking the SAP Solution Manager (and from there the world Pinky). Plus a glimpse at the SAP Security Baseline document

Cloud for Analytics (a.k.a. SAP ORCA - "Project Orca") is a cloud-based offering from SAP that's slated to arrive in the fourth quarter of this year

12:30Lunch break
How to create interactive prototypes with SAP's latest UI tool: Build

Find out how HANA Cloud Platform with all his features can help healthcare. For a Hackaton in february 2015, we have built a solution for helping epilepsy patients. We used the power of HCP by capturing heart rate data (IOT) and let the HANA predictive libraries (PAL) warn us for possible seizures (attacks).

Datavard, SLO BW war stories and how data management can improve BW environments tremendously

Separate your SAP backend from your frontend development. Use OutSystems to create a brilliant UX for your end users. Build and deploy a web-based application on top of SAP in five minutes

Not going to shave for a few days, and probably will try to wear some colorful sneakers to be entitled to tell the node.js story

BI4SAP Live - Analytics without using SAP BW

Accelerate your Fiori App development with our Fiori Accelerator

Control BB-8 with SAPHCP. This is the droid you were looking for

Are you wondering how you can prepare your Enterprise Data Warehouse for the Big Data Challenges? Is that HANA box filling up quicker than you thought it would and are you looking for ways to run high end analytics on large data volumes without breaking the bank? The 'Big Data and small pockets' presentation will discuss ways to add big data to your Enterprise Data Warehouse in an affordable way. Topics will include: effective memory management in BWoH; Big Data in an EDW framework; Data Integration with "Smart Data '*' " on the HANA platform; Vora; and football.

View behind the curtain of how be build the new SAP Community platform and update on where we are with the implementation

SAP TechEd Takeaway: a high level recap of all SAP BI related TechEd information

Wrap up
SCN Pubquiz


Many, many, thanks to our sponsors:
The Next View
SAP Netherlands
Packt Publishing
McCoy & Partners


Announcement blog on SCN.
See who's coming at our wiki page.

Party People

Hope to see you Saturday, the sitnl party people:
Jan Penninkhof
Roel van den Berge
Sven van Leuken
Fred Verheul
Ronald Konijnenburg
Twan van den Broek

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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

SAP DemoJam 2015 - SPECTR

Jan Penninkhof and I made it to the final 6 teams of SAP's InnoJam. And that got us on stage at DemoJam. It was, as Jan would say, "Awesome". No really, to present at SAP TechEd DemoJam is still a boy's dream.

Monday, November 09, 2015

SAP TechEd 2015 Day 2

Na een korte nacht met 3 uur slaap stappen we wederom de Fira de Barcelona binnen. De innovatiewedstrijd SAP InnoJam nadert het einde en alle teams hebben nog genoeg open punten. Zo ook het team van The Next View.
Werken met nieuwe technologie is leuk en leidt tot veel enthousiasme. Ronald: het is een leuke ervaring en fantastische manier om in een veel te korte tijd een business case technisch uit te werken. Zoals gewoonlijk ook weer te veel om te doen in te weinig tijd.

Sunday, November 08, 2015

SAP TechEd 2015 Day 1

Zondagochtend 8:00 lopen we de Fira de Barcelona binnen. Het team van The Next View is klaar voor de InnoJam. SAP organiseert een hackaton van 2 dagen voorafgaand aan het SAP TechEd congres. Dit jaar strijden 18 teams van 5 personen met elkaar. De inzet is de deelname aan de prestigieuze DemoJam op dinsdagavond. Alleen de 6 beste teams gaan door naar deze finale. Een talentenshow zo gezegd, maar dan met zakelijke uitdagingen.

Sunday, November 01, 2015

This week at SAP // 44

A week with some SAP TechEd replay highlights

Keynote Steve Lucas, Global President SAP Platform & Analytics

Friday, October 09, 2015

This week at SAP // 41

Jo Confine
Why Lego's CEO Thinks More Grown-Ups Should Play At Work
“Creative companies create inspiring environments. Tim Brown of innovation and design company Ideo says play creates a risk-free environment that encourages people to experiment, as there is no such thing as failure.”
Lego offers Serious Play, a set of Lego bricks and a Design Thinking like methodology. I vote for more Lego at work ;-)

Thursday, October 08, 2015

SAP Mentor Minute

Want to find out why I will attend SAP TechEd and where you can meet me? This year several SAP Mentors recorded a SAP Mentor Minute video just to explain that. Mine is here: