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Agile SAP on frontpage BPX

Wow, Agile SAP, Mission Impossible? made it to the frontpage of . Looks like more and more people are interested in making SAP agile ;-)

Agile SAP: Mission Impossible?

Just posted " Agile SAP: Mission Impossible? " on SDN: Applying Agile to the world of SAP projects, well that is an impossible mission. Right? Lots of die hard SAP people still believe so. Even so described by the ASAP project approach. I personally feel that this is going to change very soon, just as SAP projects are changing rapidly with all the possibilities that SAP NetWeaver as business process platform is offering. Read more on SDN . See what Agile can do to your team: Please share your experiences on Agile and the world of SAP as a reaction on this blog or on our Agile SAP twibes .