Wednesday, December 12, 2007

How to get value from E-SOA

My presentation last Friday at our Learning Day was titled: "E-SOA in the real world".

Have you ever seen an End-to-End Enterprise SOA Scenario? No, well you are probably more close to it than you can imagine.
A high-level term taken explained on a deep down level to prove that we can bring E-SOA to live at our customers site.

Key take-a-ways are:

  • E-SOA is a mindshift in thinking and doing
  • Focus on process in stead of technology
  • Facilitate the information workers
  • Quickly follow up on innovations in business processes
  • Think out-of-the SAP box
  • Get your hands dirty

Glad that I am not alone ;-) Have a look at this Gartner article, How to get value now from SAP's Enterprise SOA, posted today on SDN.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Learning Day, the TechEd experience

Last friday it was Learning Day at TopForce, this time's theme was, of course, the SAP TechEd. And yes, we almost had a full house:

Again a day of lots of knowledge sharing by Peter, Ronald, Gareth, me, André, Maurice, Chris, Victor, Arko and Hilco (our president of the day).

You can relive the day in pictures with my Flickr Album.

Mr. Kuiper with his hilarious speech was good fun: