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Recap sitNL Masterclasses - Hungry for more

A first edition of Masterclasses at #sitNL 2017: Machine Learning by Ronald Kleijn Mendix by Jan Penninkhof Cloud Foundry by Ted Castelijns

Recap SAP TechEd Barcelona 2017 podcast

Recap SAP TechEd with

What about the blockchain, SAP CoPilot and once again mode 1 vs mode 2. Recap day 3 SAP TechEd.

Last day at SAP TechEd Barcelona. Find out more about Blockchain with Raimund Gross, a nice talk with SAP CoPilot with Stefan Kirchfeld and once again Jan Penninkhof and me on mode 1 vs mode 2. In summary: SAP Leonardo helps you to modernise your enterprise applications - as of today!

Day 2 at SAP TechEd - Machine Learning, Run Live Truck and family picture

On a mission to find SAP Leonardo, talk about our Run Live Truck, Family picture with Björn Goerke and Machine Learning by Urko Sanchez Sanz.

Recap day 1 SAP TechEd 2017 - Finding out who Leonardo is

First day of SAP TechEd with keynote by Björn Goerke, Design Thinking with Julia, Smart Building, Cosmo as warehouse robot and the SAP Mentors Jam Band. Replay keynote :

On my way to SAP TechEd 2017

Travelling from Eindhoven to Barcelona for SAP TechEd. A great event to find out what SAP Leonardo is all about. Stay tuned for updates.

Optimize comfort at home with SAP Cloud Platform and Alexa

Last weeks SAP NL Run Live Truck with Quinso for Remeha. We delivered a smart thermostat with SAP Cloud Platform and Alexa. Tight integration with your agenda, preferences and the weather forecast to deliver a comfortable home. Teaser