Saturday, October 09, 2010

SAP TechEd 2010, agenda conflicts ...

Recognize this?

SAP TechEd always leads to agenda conflicts. Wish we had more time for the EMEA version.

See you next week.

Thursday, October 07, 2010

SAP TechEd Top 10 (2010)

Here we go, Top 10 SAP TechEd topics 2010. Just like in 2009 and in 2008. Based on the 417 sessions published on the site I counted the hit ratio on the below listed topics. Not to be taken too seriously, just for fun ;-)

  1. (1, 1) SAP NetWeaver (93 sessions)
  2. (2, 10) Business Objects (45)
  3. (3, 6) ABAP (32)
  4. (5, 4) BPM (22)
  5. (4, 5) BI (18)
  6. (-, -) Sybase (17)
  7. (-, -) Mobile (15)
  8. (-, -) PI (13)
  9. (7, 9) Web Dynpro (12)
  10. (7, 10) Enterprise services (8)
    (-,-) Microsoft (8)
Runners up: Sybase and mobile applications. Looking forward to play around with that next week. And as predicted: Microsoft.
Droppers, not in the Top 10 anymore: Composition Environment (4 sessions, #8 in 2008, #9 in 2009), Java (4 sessions, #3 in 2008, #8 in 2009) and SOA (4 sessions, #2 in 2008, #6 in 2009).

Sybase is no surprise. Just as Business Objects wasn't last year. Java dropped out of the Top 10. Looking back at SAP TechEd 2009 you could predict that to happen. Last year all Java sessions were hidden somewhere at the end of the venue...

Prediction 1: A lot of demo's will be on base of Sybase platform.
Prediction 2: A lot of demo's will be presented with an iPad.

Some promotion on agile: Please attend my session PMC236, Applying agile to a Service-Oriented SAP Project: Mission Impossible?
You can read more on that on my SDN blog Spreading the agile word in the SAP world.

Don’t expect a silver bullet for agile, there is none. I will share our experiences and give you some tips on how to start applying agile to your own SAP project.

See you next week in Berlin, by the way I am wearing number 87 this time ;-)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Agile and SAP on Twitter

Last Friday @jonerp, @puneetsuppal and I had an interesting discussion on Twitter about SAP and Agile. Trigger was my tweet on a visit to a large company with a centralized IT department.
Need to start writing a "How To start with Agile in the SAP world" quickly.

Thanks to @jpenninkhof for pointing out the advanced search at Twitter.

Even easier process implementation with SAP NetWeaver CE7.2

Last year I wrote two blogs on process implementation with SAP NetWeaver CE7.1:
- Easy process implementation with SAP NetWeaver BPM.
- Easy process implementation with SAP NetWeaver BPM / the BRM sequel.

I was wondering how things have changed with SAP NetWeaver CE7.2. So I picked up the expense demo process again and reimplemented it in CE7.2.

The differences are described in my SDN blog.

SAP Inside Track Eindhoven 2009

Saturday December 12th was the day the first SAP Inside Track in the Netherlands took off. 30 People gathered in Eindhoven to listen to and discuss with 6 different speakers. How about that? Thirty enthusiastic SAP consultants from 10 different companies join together to share thoughts and ideas on the SAP TechEd: The SAP TechEd XPerience.

The borderless enterprise comes to live when the SCN community works together on an event like SAP Inside Track.

Next? SAP Inside Track Bonn, February 20th 2010. Hosted by Tobias Trapp and Thorsten Franz.

Read a detailed summary, with pictures, on my SDN blog.

SAP TechEd 2009 Vienna Recap

Great to see how SAP integrated Twitter in the event. Screensavers everywhere to get live updates from participants. Next stop is to get audience participation during keynote via Twitter in 2010? Hope that will spice up the keynote a bit ;-)
When you are a frequent visitor you can clearly see the increments in SAP products. Besides the hands-on training and the latest roadmaps, SAP TechEd is also a great event to actually meet all the SDN/BPX bloggers, co-tweeters and SAP Mentors. Here the collaboration of the future is composed, beyond company borders within communities formed by people of the same mind.

Read a detailed summary on my SDN blog.