Sunday, December 22, 2013

Another #sitNL recap?

Yes, another one. But I promise you: it will be my last - this year 

So we went to SAP TechEd, learned a lot and paid it forward at the SAP TechEd XPerience – SAP Inside Track Netherlands.
Just processed the evaluation feedback, and again I find myself with a big smile on my face  What a positive reactions on our 5th anniversary. Thanks!!
Here’s a short video recap:

Thursday, December 12, 2013

SAP User Experience event

The Future is NOW! 

That was our main theme for an SAP User Experience event on October 3rd. It is referring to the current possibilities to improve the user experience within the SAP world without having to migrate to the latest new release of ECC. You can do it today! And that is a good thing as User Experience (UX in short) is hot, even for SAP as it is one of SAP’s main focus points for 2013. We all know where SAP came from with the grey/blue transaction screens ;-) 

Picture from SAP Design Guild, some more historic screens at their site.

Finally we now realised that it not about the transaction to be executed but about an end-to-end business process. And to really support the user of this process a user-friendly user interface is key. It is the difference between searching for the information you need and supporting your business process. That is how you can identify a good user experience.

Monday, December 02, 2013

Keep on coding in the free world

At this years SAP Inside Track Netherlands (#sitNL), Roel van den Berge shared his experiences on SAP TechEd with regards to SAP Mobile and SAP Fiori. And on top of that he showed us a very creative movie, based on SAP TechEd's keynote which stated

Code enables freedom

So, Roel came up with new lyrics for "Rockin' in the free world" from Neil Young. I think he did a great job, the new SAP based lyrics even match the original ones!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

New design for my blog

It was about time, time to do a bit of cleaning in the 'house'. While working on a new design for my blog, I had a few wishes:

  • Rolling header with pictures
  • Leaner design
  • More space for blog posts
This is the result:
the new one

the old one

Thanks to Louis van de Wiele, who helped me out with some scripting and CSS stuff.

Hope you like it.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

And a happy birthday it was ... #sitNL 5 year anniversary

Celebrating 5 years of sitNL

On Saturday November 23, it was time to celebrate our 5thanniversary. For the 5th time SAP NetWeaver and SAP TechEd enthusiasts gathered together to share knowledge at SAP Inside Track Netherlands, sitNL in short.

Or to look at it from another perspective, our little event is just the warm up for Haseenah’s delicious dinner party in the evening 

Our sitNL birthday cake

Some statistics

The Ciber office was crowded, 62 participants joined for our SAP TechEd XPerience.

Some participant statistics
  • 52 from the Netherlands
  • 5 from Belgium
  • 4 from Germany
  • 1 from Norway (Thanks for joining Njal ;-)
  • 44 different companies
  • 7 customer representatives
  • 12 freelancers
  • 14 from Ciber
  • 3 from Accenture
  • 3 from TCS
  • 2 from Synerscope

Some other sitNL statistics


Roel van den Berge already shared his personal sitnl experiences. In this blog I’ll try to recap the day in pictures, slides, replays and some words.

Welcome and opening

Practical use of innovations, check out how Mr. Beanuses scissors, his credit card and his socks to create a lunch.
Innovations without practical use or where the end user experience is not taken into account will have a hard time in maturing.

SAP HANA Cloud Platform

Matthias prepared the keynote for Vishal at SAP TechEd in Bangalore 
Try it yourself, experience the cloud
When asked about participating the opensap courses, the majority of the sitNL crowd raised their hands. And made Matthias happy of course.


Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Tweet Analysis #sitNL 2013

Thanks to Martijn Linssen we are able to do a sitNL Tweet Analysis via TwUniverse. And for your convenience, Martijn uploaded a pdf file to our wiki page

First some numbers

648 tweets, starting at Nov 17 20:50:27 2013 and ending at Nov 25 08:44:22 2013 on: #sitnl. That is 3.60 per hour.

Top 10 Most Active Tweeters

  1. @steinermatt (48 = 7%); 
  2. @tbroek (48 = 7%)
  3. @roelvdberge (46 = 7%)
  4. @martijnlinssen (41 = 6%)
  5. @fredverheul (39 = 6%)
  6. @jpenninkhof (33 = 5%)
  7. @qualiture (27 = 4%)
  8. @h_neumann (24 = 4%)
  9. @wolf_gregor (23 = 4%)
  10. @yonex_nl (23 = 4%)

Top 10 Most Influential (based on getting RT-ed)

  1. @roelvdberge (50 = 19%)
  2. @tbroek (44 = 17%)
  3. @steinermatt (31 = 12%)
  4. @jpenninkhof (19 = 7%)
  5. @konijnenburg (15 = 6%)
  6. @qualiture (13 = 5%)
  7. @cbasis (8 = 3%)
  8. @tomvandoorslaer (8 = 3%)
  9. @fredverheul(8 = 3%)
  10. @martijnlinssen (7 = 3%)

Thursday, November 21, 2013

User Centered Design & Delivery / mini workshop

At the Ciber Knowledge Carousel Louis van de Wiele and I had the opportunity to explain User Centered Design & Delivery to our attendees. We decided to focus on the design part and conducted a mini Design Thinking workshop. To participate actively in a workshop is a better experience than just sit back and hear what the presenters have to say. But with only 45 minutes for our session we had to push time boxing to the extreme ;-)

Our challenge was to “Redesign the event experience”, how to improve the event experience for an attendee. (Hah, quite an interesting case, if I may say so, attendees of our event were able to suggest improvements that we can use for our event next year ;-)

After an explanation of the challenge we kicked of with the first step.

1. Context


A short interview, 2 minutes sharp, to gather personal experiences on attending events.

  • When was the last time you visited an event
  • What did you like
  • What didn’t you like
  • Why did you attend

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Agenda #sitNL - SAP Inside Track Netherlands November 23rd

Counting down, only a few days to go before sitnl kicks off. I think we have a very interesting line up at our fifth SAP Inside Track NL. Thanks to all the speakers who have submitted a session.

This year we have shortened the sessions a bit to make sure that there is enough time to get to know each other, talk to each other and enjoy. But with 8 tracks, there is still enough knowledge to absorb ;-) And we all know:

You can gather new knowledge by sharing yours.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Design Thinking with Field Service Engineers

How to bring relief to Field Service Engineers?
  • How to create a user interface for Field Service Engineers who work in highly complex environments? 
  • How to facilitate the engineers in their daily administration work?
  • How to replace their +20 individual applications with one new working space?
  • How to involve the engineers during the design?
  • How to make sure that the final application is accepted and used?
The answer is of course: Design Thinking

Design Thinking with Field Service Engineers (SAP TechEd 2013) from Twan van den Broek


A story told by Julia Dorbic from D-Labs and me at SAP TechEd 2013.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Ciber Knowledge Carrousel 2013


Due to the success of the previous editions, Ciber is organizing the 6th Ciber Knowledge Carrousel on November 14th. This year we offer tracks for Management, Business and IT. The parallel sessions are gathered around topics like Cloud, Core, Methods, In Memory and Mobile.  You will hear about real life stories at customer situations and new developments and innovations within IT. 15 High quality sessions presented at an inspirational location, the Orangerie, in Den Bosch. The Orangerie, a former Catholic Church is situated in the center of Den Bosch, right in the middle of its beautiful shopping district and lovely canals.

You can register for free at the Ciber site or check out the agenda first.

You can find me talking about:

  • SAP TechEd recap, together with Sven van Leuken, we will talk you through the highlights from last weeks SAP TechEd on Mobile, Cloud, In Memory and User Experience.
  • User Centered Design and Delivery, together with Louis van de Wiele, we will explain Ciber’s methodology on User Centered Design and Delivery. Prevent building applications that will not be accepted or used. With a small Design Thinking workshop you will experience the power of co-creation and co-innovation.
Hope to see you November 14.

Monday, November 11, 2013

SAP TechEd 2013, the best and strangest experience ever

SAP TechEd 2013 - The best but also the strangest SAP TechEd ever

Together with 10 colleagues I visited SAP TechEd in November 2013.


Tim Burchartz - Jaap van de Mheen - Frank Hammen - Michael Hardenbol - Steven Spronk
Twan van den Broek - Roel van den Berge - Ted Castelijns - Maarten Kreijveld

(Missing on the pic: Leo van Hengel and Wim Snoep, who attended one day due to busy customer schedule)



Team CloudSitter won the SAP InnoJam on Monday with an app that monitors new born baby’s on their wellbeing. Premature babies have an higher risk on Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, that’s why we came up with a sensor that tracks heartbeat, temperature and breathing. Information is stored in a central database in which thresholds can be validated. If there is reason to warn, the mobile app sends an alarm and changes color. Time to check upon your child.

Matt presenting at InnoJam.

Winning InnoJam meant that we could also participate in DemoJam, the ultimate stage for an SAP NetWeaver professional. And guess what - we won!! Something new to SAP events as never before a team was able to win both InnoJam and DemoJam.

Matt again, this time on DemoJam stage together with Andreas Profitlich.

So how to top that? No idea, this makes it best SAP TechEd experience ever.


While normally I attend SAP TechEd to gather as much as possible new information and hands-on experience, this year I got hooked up into several other kind of activities.

Final preparations for DemoJam on Tuesday.

An interview on Wednesday about me attending SAP TechEd.

Getting some makeup, answering questions twice or three times, some shots at showfloor, some shots in the center of Amsterdam, ... and after a few hours hard work - a real movie with me ;-)

Interview on Wednesday of Dutch SAP Mentors by @Amsterdamsel

Wrap up interview with Roel van den Berge and me on Friday by Chip Rodgers

Moderator at Marilyn Pratt's FailFaire event on Thursday evening. (Picture by Gregor Wolf)

Winning InnoJam and later DemoJam, being interviewed - it was a surreal experience and by that the strangest SAP TechEd ever.

More pictures

Sunday, November 03, 2013

SAP TechEd episode 2013

Here we go again, this week I will visit my 11th (!) SAP TechEd so far and for sure I haven’t had enough of it ;-)

Focus of my visit to SAP TechEd has changed over the years. In the early years I filled my agenda with at much hands on sessions as possible. Lots of ABAP, some MiniApps (early mobile aspirations), SOA and later BPM. But somewhere from 2009 on it has changed to meet as much peers as possible. Sure, hands on sessions are still really valuable during the event, but meeting and discussing with experts and peers to build your network comes in handy throughout the whole year.

Next to that I also like to bring something to SAP TechEd. I’ve done some talks on applying scrum to the SAP world, participated in BPM hands on sessions and as an ultimate achievement: reached SAP DemoJam stage in 2012, together with colleague Leo van Hengel.

Photo courtesy SAP TechEd 2012

If you want to meet up with me this year, you can find me:

SAP InnoJam - Design Thinking coach

MOB121 - Together with Jon Dorst from Eneco we will talk about the implementation of SAP Work Manager at Eneco

EXP10205 - Design Thinking for Field Service Engineers, how do you design a user interface for a complex process. If we have enough time I will also tell you a fairy tale about the SAP Mobile Platform

EXP10204 - Together with Julia Dorbic from D-Labs we will talk about applying Design Thinking to the real life world of Field Service Engineers

POP160 - Assisting a BPM hands on workshop, covering BPM, BRM and an SAPUI5 user interface.

I wish you all a very fruitful SAP TechEd in Amsterdam!

Thursday, October 31, 2013

The 2013 SAP TechEd Topic Top 10

SAP TechEd in Amsterdam coming up, counting down … 5 days to go. Time to compose an annual SAP TechEd Topic Top 10. With 955 entries in this years agenda there is enough to choose from. 

For the ‘official’ Topics Top 10 I used the sessions download file from the SAP TechEd site and narrowed the list down to cover ‘only’ Lectures and Hands On Workshops, just like I did previously. That list still contained 380 (!) sessions to choose from and to fit in your 3-day agenda ;-)

Here we go … (drumroll) … what will be number 1 in 2013? Still SAP NetWeaver ...

No, it's HANA. Guess you didn't see that one coming ;-)

#Last yearsTopic# Sessions
12, 4, -, -, -HANA125
21, 1, 1, 1, 1SAP NetWeaver53
33, 3, 7, -, -Mobile (Mobility, Syclo, SMP, Agentry)46
44, -, -, -, -Cloud43
55, 2, 2, 2, 10Business Objects (Business Intelligence)25
66, 5, 3, 3, 6ABAP20
7-, -, -, -, -SAPUI515
87, 9, -, -, -Portal15
98, 6, 4, 5, 4BPM (Process Orchestration)14
109, -, -, -, -Gateway4

So what do we learn from this years SAP TechEd sessions?
  • HANA is here to replace SAP NetWeaver. With both HANA and runner up HANA Cloud Platform (#SAPHCP), the hegemony from SAP NetWeaver as THE number 1 is finally broken.
  • Numbers 3, 4, 5, and 6 keeping their position steady.
  • And new in our Top 10 - SAPUI5, of course ;-)
  • SAP PI is renamed to SAP PO, Process Orchestration. Hope this helps in bringing more of BPM to our customers. With the rebranding, SAP PI dropped out of this list.
  • I expected Gateway to end up higher, but its position in this list doesn’t reflects its importance. Although maybe not mentioned in the session title you will for sure meet SAP NetWeaver Gateway within sessions about SAPUI5, mobile and ABAP. Now we can only wait for a rebranding to SAP HANA Gateway ;-)
  • No Design Thinking? How is that possible? Enough of Design Thinking at InnoJam? Lucky there are several expert sessions about Design Thinking - I can highly recommend this topic to you when you live in the world of mobile applications or improving user experience.
  • And just like last year, no Java, no Duet, no Microsoft, no SharePoint.
  • Looking back, 2008 was all about Service Oriented Architecture, Enterprise Services. 2013 is all about HANA (In Memory), Mobile and Cloud. How time flies when you’re having fun ;-)

For your convenience:
See you all next week in Amsterdam.

(BTW, ping me if you like to stick a "I Love SAP TechEd" sticker to your notebook. I will bring them to Amsterdam) 

Sunday, October 27, 2013


Another successful SAP CodeJam in the Netherlands. The ABAP on HANA CodeJam in Eindhoven. Organized by Roel van den Berge and hosted by Thorsten Schneider.

I surely recommend attending an SAP CodeJam, a day of serious coding on a specific topic accompanied by SAP experts. It is just like an SAP TechEd HandsOn Workshop, but outside of SAP TechEd season ;-)

What do you get:
  • Deep knowledge on the topic
  • Hands on exercises 
  • Support by SAP experts
  • Meet up with fellow enthusiasts
  • Great food!!

Roel opening the event.

Thorsten kicks off the ABAP on HANA coding.

Let the fun begin.

Sven van Leuken dressed up especially for the event.

Coffee, ABAP Code and Coke - what more can you wish for?


The complete event in pictures at Flickr.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

SAP Mobile Platform Wishlist

It’s almost that time of the year. A period where you start writing down your wishes in a letter and hope that your wishes get fulfilled … so here we go.

Dear Santa,

I have been a good boy this year. Please ...

(or in business language ;-)

Dear SMP Product Owner,

SAP TechEd just kicked off today in Las Vegas, so sorry that I can’t join you to hear and learn all about SMP3 now. Glad with the preview blogs by Jens Koerner (SMP3 Launch) and John Wargo (Kapsel) and really looking forward to SAP TechEd in Amsterdam.

Wish list

MDD and its UI
  • Please update the out of the box UI components for all platforms. They are worth investing in and expanding their lifespan. It provides the possibility of having an approach that supports “Build once and Deploy anywhere”, very handy in the enterprise world. The current “Windows 3.1” look and feel is really outdated.
  • With OpenUI coming to the MDD approach (formerly known as Agentry) it will be possible to integrate native UI components with out of the box SMP UI components. That is a cool feature, but doesn’t help in the “Build once and Deploy anywhere”.

  • Please help in tweaking the performance. Synchronization is not something an end-user requested for. So a quick and painless synchronization is key in user experience.

  • Please help us consultants in explaining SAP’s mobile strategy. With all the news around SMP3 I really think SAP is stabilizing its mobile roadmap. That’s good news as we all know what a bumpy road that was. I sure hope that things get clear and we can help our customers with an advice that lasts longer than 6 months.
  • Please help positioning OData. It is it quite clear that this is the way to go. But where to position OData? Is it the successor of Sybase MBO and Agentry MDD? Or a new alternative to build offline apps that need to synchronize with a backend system.

Development support
  • Please help developers in their development process. Just like with Sybase where MBO’s were graphically designed and generated “under water”. This sure speeds up the developments. Especially when you compare this with Agentry and requested custom developments. To create your own data exchange tables is a leap back in time without a ‘wizard’ helping you out.
  • Please deliver the AppDesigner also to the MDD world. The AppDesigner is a long awaited tool to design online HTML5 mobile interfaces, it will sure come in handy to design great looking mobile interfaces based on the MDD approach.

Yours sincerely,
Twan van den Broek – who will be waiting to see what cool features will be delivered to his Christmas Stockings ;-)

Also posted on SCN.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Happy Birthday #sitNL, 5 years old now

SAP Inside Track Netherlands - #sitNL - turns 5.


2013 is a year of celebrating community milestones. Our own SCN clubhouse for example, celebrates its 10thanniversary. Well from my part: Happy Birthday dear SCN. Thanks for bringing us together.

Clean the carpet, open the doors, as we celebrate another anniversary.


This year sitnl will turn 5! A 5th episode of us SAP NetWeaver geeks coming together on a Saturday, somewhere in Eindhoven ;-)
SAP Inside Track NL – The SAP TechEd XPerience
Saturday November 23rd, 2013
10:00 – 19:00
Eindhoven, the Netherlands
Registration is open, please go to our Wiki page to register for the event.

Hold on, not sure why you should attend?
Maybe a view into history will help:

Last year’s top valued sessions where:

And when that is not enough, let’s quote some participants:

Ab-so-lu-tely brilliant!

No problem to use my Saturday for this. I would do it again!

Still not convinced? Let me try another direction.

Again our favorite chef Haseenah will cook us dinner. A not-to-miss-sitNL-evening-event.


Please please please pretty please book her for the next decade of sitNL!

What about our community Quiz?


Starring our fabulous QuizMaster Sven Van Leuken


Great community quiz. Entertaining!

Convinced? Sure!
Let’s have a look at last year’s predictions.


OData and Design Thinking – Think we were quite right last year.
Flamenco by @ttrapp – Let’s open a poll to make sure that Tobias Trapp provides a workshop or demo 

What about the 2013 agenda?
We can’t do it on our own. So please share your session proposals on our Wiki page. Together we can make it a high quality event again!

Your organization geeks for this year

Unfortunately we have to do the 2013 version without Pim de Wit as he has a family celebration that weekend. Hope we can count on you for 2014 ;-)

We hope to see you all in Amsterdam at sapteched_amsterdam or at sitnl . Any ideas, tips or suggestions are highly appreciated.

Also posted on SCN.