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Mercedes-EQ Formula E on how racing and data are connected

At Sapphire The Hague we talked with Ian James from the Mercedes-EQ Formula E Team 🏎 about how they work together with SAP, how they're improving performance based on data, what they do to be a sustainable sport, and more!  Find replay content at SAP Sapphire Virtual ▶️

SAP Innovation challenge at Accenture

Accenture organised an SAP Innovation Challenge on sustainability. Four teams presented their idea during the grand finale on June 17th 2022. In this episode:What is the Accenture SAP Innovation Challenge? How is the competition organised? What SAP Technology do they use? Who won? Your hosts: Robin van Oosten , Victor van Iren , Jan Penninkhof and Twan van den Broek Team ChangeMaker: Robert Yuwono Abadi , Abukar Amin and Omkar Nakhate 📺 Watch 🎙 Listen

Build extensions for S/4HANA Cloud with Sudip Ghosh

  How to develop customer wishes in a S/4HANA Public Cloud environment. Sudip Ghosh takes us on a journey and shows how he develops 10x faster using the tools delivered to the SAP development community. Listen to today's episode to understand Sudips decision tree on how to make customers happy and still keep the core clean. Your hosts: Sudip Ghosh, Jan Penninkhof and Twan van den Broek. 📺 Replay 🎙 Listen