Tuesday, February 18, 2014

#sitNL – the lost recordings

The lost sitNL recordings? No, Ali found them, thank you very much. So why the lost recordings?

What happens if a lot of SAP NetWeaver enthusiasts gather on a Saturday to share knowledge, but forget to push some buttons in Adobe Connect? You will have a mixture of successful and failed recordings ;-) We now have:
  • Sessions with audio and video (hurrah)
  • Sessions without any audio (for all you lip readers ;-)
  • Sessions without video (podcast style)
  • Sessions without any audio or video (so, no recording)
So how to improve in 2014? Any volunteers? Any Adobe Connect professionals in the house at November 29th?

Monday, February 17, 2014

SAP User Experience Event - the recordings

Once again our Ciber SAP User Experience event, this time all the recordings are available. Thanks to Carl Adams for initiating and thanks to Ted, Roel, Wim and Leo for recording their sessions.

A short glimpse of possibilities on how to make your end users HAPPY with:
  • User Centered Design & Delivery as methodology
  • SAP Screen Personas 
  • SAP Fiori
  • SAPUI5

Intro by Ted Castelijns and User Centered Design & Delivery by Twan van den Broek.

SAP Screen Personas by Twan van den Broek.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Thank you @CiberNL and hello @TheNextView

Another strange moment in my professional life, I will leave Ciber to join The Next View March 1st. Time to have a short retrospective.

Team picture at outing 2010

First of all I am proud, proud on our SAP NetWeaver team:
Alice, Arnaut, Bernard, Dave, Dennis, Frank, Guido, Harrie, Iemke, Igor, Jeroen, Juan-Jose, Laurens, Leo, Marc, Michael, Ravi, Roel, Ronan, Sanket, Steven, Ted, Tim, Wim and Vladimir. 

Monday, February 10, 2014

SAP User Experience presentations

Well that was a new experience … on request of a colleague in the UK I have recorded my sessions of our SAP User Experience event. Not while standing in front of an audience but while sitting behind my desk. That appeared to be some different job ;-) Record once, twice or three times, deleting ‘silence’, editing a movie, those kind of things. In the end my 45 minutes talk is shrunk into a 10 minutes YouTube movie. And that leaves me wondering what I have missed during the recording or what I have told extra in front of our customers.

Anyway my ‘web cast experiences’ can be found online.

User Centered Design & Delivery

Link to the original prezi. Thanks to my colleagues Margreet Klerkx and Bart van Lankveld for the visualisation of the process.

Monday, February 03, 2014

SAP CodeJam on #SAPRiver (Eindhoven, Netherlands)

SAP's CodeJam team visits Eindhoven once again. Most of us already know Eindhoven as sitnl city 


Great visual! Wondering about the details?
The Blob, a shopping center
Flying Pins, large scaled art object
Evoluon, conference center (former Philips expo center)

Now back to our original topic: SAP River. Now what is SAP River? Please read John Appleby well written FAQ blog.

SAP River is a development platform based on the SAP HANA Platform, that allows expression of intent, to build entire business applications.