SAP User Experience presentations

Well that was a new experience … on request of a colleague in the UK I have recorded my sessions of our SAP User Experience event. Not while standing in front of an audience but while sitting behind my desk. That appeared to be some different job ;-) Record once, twice or three times, deleting ‘silence’, editing a movie, those kind of things. In the end my 45 minutes talk is shrunk into a 10 minutes YouTube movie. And that leaves me wondering what I have missed during the recording or what I have told extra in front of our customers.

Anyway my ‘web cast experiences’ can be found online.

User Centered Design & Delivery

Link to the original prezi. Thanks to my colleagues Margreet Klerkx and Bart van Lankveld for the visualisation of the process.

SAP Screen Personas

Links to the separate SAP Screen Personas demo’s:

Of course there is a lot of more stuff to be found at SAP's site.

Let me know whether to continue with this kind of sharing and how to improve ;-)


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