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Interview on possibilities SAP HANA Cloud Platform

At SAP Innovation forum I was interviewed about the possibilities of SAP's HANA Cloud Platform. Video is in Dutch. So a short translation in English ;-)

This week at SAP // 26

Episode 2015.26 Jan Penninkhof The future looks bright for SAP users! Jan spotted the future of SAP Fiori - SAP internally called Fiori 2.0. Unfortunately no screenshots yet. Tamas Szirtes Designed with love, VNSG UEX meeting about SAPUI5 Tamas shares a bit more insights in Fiori 2.0, no screenshots either :(

Recap CodeJam Internet of Things with SAPHCP

May 29 2015, about 25 developers gathered at The Next View for another great SAP CodeJam event . This time all about Internet of Things with SAP HANA Cloud Platform . There is a lot to find online and here on SCN regarding the iot topic. It is a hot topic, some even call it the ‘new mobile’. But, as we have discussed that during the podcast, it’s not the new mobile as IoT has a much broader impact on both our personal as well as on our business lives. With the newly announced (SAPPHIRE NOW 2015) IoT services for SAPHCP, SAP is really helping out developers to use the platform for IoT scenarios. With SAP’s tools you are facilitated in the development process so that you can focus on the actual scenario that you want to realise. And SAP promises to deliver much more new IoT services in the near future. Look forward to that …