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SAP Mobile - Quo Vadis?

Before we start, maybe some background music by Dire Straits? Guess  Where Do You Think You're Going  is quite applicable ;-) I got a bit confused last week and I wanted to share my confusion with you and hope that my SAP mobile life gets demystified. So, SAP Mobile - Quo Vadis? SAP's three pillars  Now we all know SAP's 3 main pillars: Cloud Mobile HANA Needless to say that SAP shares a lot of PowerPoint slides and stories around these topics at events like SAPphire NOW and SAP TechEd, at local events like SAP Forum, press conferences and here on SDN and other sites. Last week SAP held a very important press conference,  the announcement of #SAPonHANA . And to be honest - it made me feel a bit jealous. Great story telling, together with customers and partners SAP shows the added value of running SAP on HANA. There is plenty of training material to be found in the HANA academy, a developer license, contact persons, … bottom line: SAP is supporti

SAP on HANA and why it matters

If you're doing any business with SAP, being SAP consultant or SAP user, you should not have missed last week's press conference where SAP announced SAP's business suite on HANA . A long expected message, but thrilling even so. It shows how serious SAP is taking In Memory technology. And even more, analyst Dennis Howlett , identified SAP's stepping stone into the cloud future , from #SAPonHANA into SAP's business suite in the cloud. Following the path so successfully set by Salesforce . A lot can be found on SDN or other analyst sites. Please allow me to point out and summarize three blogs. My advice to you: start with reading, jump into other reading material, subscribe to developer licenses and start getting your hands dirty. And by that make up your mind. The SAP world is changing rapidly, important for System Integrator's as they have to change their business model accordingly. 2013 is the year of making choices. Find out, as System Integrator, to whic