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SAP TechEd 2008, TopForce infiltration

On July 7th the Call For Proposals started for SAP's TechEd in Berlin, a major opportunity for us Technonerds to host a session on the TechEd. Tell me, who doesn’t want to host a session on the SAP Tech Event of the year, the SAP TechEd. So with 9 colleagues we prepared 7 sessions and sent them to SAP. High Performance Portal: An Open Source Portal/CMS on SAP NetWeaver, Peter Mayringer and Ronald Kleijn Putting SAP at your fingertips – Integrating SAP with the iPhone, Leo van Hengel and Frodo Jansen Composites in the real world, Twan van den Broek Is your organization really ready for E/SOA? Niels Doeleman Composition of SAP and GIS, Peter Mayringer Ensuring traceability with Principal Propagation in PI / BPM, André Stuy How to use the power of BAM, Paul van Os Different than last year there was no voting round on SDN but a selection committee studied all proposals and picked out 15 sessions. 10 SDN related and 5 BPX related session for the TechEd in Berlin. Guess what … WE GO