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Real life composites

Some time ago I wrote: Composite Applications: Hype or Real ? Conclusion was - of course - REAL. During the SAP TechEd in Berlin there were 12 out of 309 sessions about Composites . And as we all know, at TechEd we learn what is/will be real. So again, composites are real ;-) Despite these signals, reality is that sometimes it is hard to explain to customers what Composites are and why they want to implement them. "Mashups, composites, Web2.0 is something for the internet not for my enterprise environment." Let me help you with this blog about two real life composites that we have developed for a utility customer. Real life as these applications are live since early 2008 and in use by the end customers and the call center of this company. Read more on my SDN blog on Real Life Composites .

SAP TechEd DemoJam Highlights

Interview in BPX community clubhouse

Interview within the BPX community clubhouse: Now guess who is interviewed at 0:07 sec :-) See the TopForce Purple Squad: TechEd2008 was great!!

DemoJam 2008

First night event was the DemoJam , yesterday evening. Ronald and Peter participated with SAP Enterprise Portal meets Web 2.0. It was all about this trophy: Peter was the manager who wanted a Web2.0 Workplace and Ronald realized that with Open Source and the SAP EP. 3:41 Minutes left - heading in the right direction. See the relief on their faces, what a big smile :-D The result: 2nd place , right after a submission from SAP. GREAT result for Peter and Ronald, I am very proud on you guys!

Live broadcast of DemoJam

Peter and Ronald can be followed live at SDN TV . DemoJam will start at 19:00. SAP EP meets Web 2.0. Replay of the DemoJam available on SDN. Their session starts around 0:24.

Ronald and Peter @ TechEd08

Quick update now, only the picture. Story later or check my microblog at Twitter . More pictures on Flickr .

Words unnecessarily

Words are unnecessarily, have a look at my agenda: Well, there seems to be a small gap in the agenda of this years TechEd on Wednesday between 12:00 and 14:30. But no worries - it will be busy anyway ;-) Tuesday is a difficult day, I added only the sessions that I really want to attend - but unfortunately there are a lot of parallel sessions. At 11:00 four sessions start that are all interesting. What to choose: COMP278, Service Composition with ES Repository and Composite Application Framework UP109, : SAP NetWeaver Mobile 7.1 – A Powerful Architecture and What You Can Do With It BPM100, Business Process Management with SAP NetWeaver CE: Overview and Outlook IM200, Joint Roadmap SAP NetWeaver BI and Business Objects Today I downloaded all sessions that I am interested in (71 out of 309) and tomorrow I have plenty of time on my trip to Berlin to study this material. Another big plus of traveling by train .

First publication

Wow, I have my first publication in SAP NetWeaver Magazine : The Next Wave of Mashups: Real-World Lessons of Building a Portal with Composite Applications and Enterprise SOA. Like mashups, composite applications bring together Web-based functionality in new ways. Follow one company’s implementation effort using composite applications in a portal environment. This process offers some insight into how these innovative applications can drive more responsive processes and improve online services for employees and customers. The article describes our work at Luminus and is based on an earlier posting: Real Life Composites . It is the result of a first draft (hmm well it was my final 1.0 version ;-) that I have sent to SAP NetWeaver Magazine last April. After some questioning and editing you can now read the result, both on the web and in the real magazine. Never done before, but is sure feels nice when the hard copy arrives on your doormat. That happened last week and now even my mom wants