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The Dutch SAP Mafia

The Dutch SAP Mafia (SCNotty) from Twan van den Broek on Vimeo . Our #CIBERnl entry to this years SCNotty competition. The idea originated out of a statement by @thorstenster when he decided to join the #sitNL in 2010. "Finally my chance to meet the Dutch SAP mafia." Well you can meet us in person during the SAP TechEd in Madrid. (And you don't want to mess with us ;-)

Fresh new look

Well I hope that you'll find it a fresh new look ;-) Spent some hours restyling and trying to migrate to Wordpress. But to get what I want (tag cloud, tweet a post, customizable colors and pictures) you have to run Wordpress on your own server - at least that's how far I came. So left my blog with Google's Blogger. Hope you'll continue to read and I promise that I'll leave you more posts than I did last year :)

sitNL - The SAP TechEd XPerience

Here we go again - for the third time in a row - the SAP Inside Track NL. On November 26th SAP NetWeaver enthusiasts gather at the #sitNL to share, learn and inspire. More in my SDN blog . Registration is possible via our wiki page .

SAP NetWeaver BBQ

A different meeting this time, a barbecue with CIBER's SAP NetWeaver's. A great evening with lovely weather for us fortunates. More pics in my SAP NetWeaver BBQ album .