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SAPience de-stressed

Wednesday 21:00, presentation finished and a working demo. Quite on time this year ;-) Thursday 14:00, Twan calls Ronald, what about enhancing the demo with a webservice (the previously used Mappoint service). Thanks Rik for the idea. Ronald agrees, let’s just do that. 16:00, Start with additional service 19:00, Hungry and the demo is not working yet :-( Here we are having a "Hot and Spicey" with a salad for vitamins. 21:20, Guided Procedures is really driving us mad , all steps are working individually, but together it is not happening. It must be something in the mapping. 22:00, Demo is not working yet, security let us know that we HAVE to leave before 23:00, even when we are not ready 22:33, Demo is working – what a relief – quickly made a movie as there is no internet connection available tomorrow 22:55, “Can you please leave and turn off the lights” says security. Hmm what can we do? We still have to go through our presentation, who is going to do what slide? Let’s si

SAPience (stress) 2007

Remember this: SAPience stress 2006 ? Well tomorrow it is SAPience 2007 and, of course, a little stress to finalize the last sheets and demo's. But this year we managed to do it at day or evening time. Last year we were also working at night, I still remember Jan-Willem sending an e-mail that he managed to get the Adobe demo working at 4:00 in the night! Tomorrow Ronald Kleijn and I will guide you through the CAF and GP world: