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iPhone innovation

Currently on the frontpage of SDN , the developer challenge . Initially an SAP internal event but now, as Mark Finnern describes, open to customers and partners. The three focus topics for 2008: Green IT Social Computing Mobilizing SAP Especially this last topic is very interesting: A platform for users to create iPhone applications by pulling data from SAP systems. An innovation that TopForce has realized last month with the PeopleFinder application . Unfortunately the event is only open for: coders from SAP customer and partner companies in North America And until now we are not (yet) located in North America :-( By the way, you can find a demo movie on the PeopleFinder application on YouTube.

TopForce Learning Day

Last Friday it was our TopForce Learning Day “Towards Professional Excellence”. Again a good one, especially the innovation hour with demo’s on: the High Performance Portal, by Ronald and Peter the iPhone PeopleFinder application, by Frodo and Leo the e-HRM solution for a Dutch customer, by Ingrid This time I decided to capture the day on my camcorder in order to catch the energy and fun that we experience on such a day. Good idea … but it leaves me now with 45 minutes of film and I want to reduce that to a maximum movie length of 5 minutes. When can I find the time to do that… Fortunately André made some (148 ;-) pictures on Flickr . Do not give me too much credits, I am just installing the webcam for the iPhone demo ;-)

iPhone app with SAP on TechEd?

On SAP’s TechEd this year there will probably be sessions available for non SAP techies that present their vision and knowledge. Well at TopForce we have one of the possible candidate sessions. Leo, Frodo, Koen and Peter are working on an application for Apple’s iPhone. PeopleFinder is the name of the app that connects SAP data to phone possibilities, a multi purpose who-is-who so to say. You can read more about it on (in Dutch). If voting opens, I will let you know, of course ;-) On the picture you can see Leo giving a demo of the application (after some nights of hard work). The others are watching jealously. Is it because the application or the iPhone ...