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SAP TechEd Top 10

With only 13 days to go I need to finalize my TechEd schedule soon. But so many sessions to choose from, 309 in total and only 3 days to plan them in. I know it is a kind of luxury problem, it must be the same feeling as my kids have in the toy shop ;-) Remind me building a business case to attend TechEd USA next year. Then I have 5 days to plan sessions ;-) Past two years I focused on Composite Applications and the Visual Composer . This year it is time for the next level, the next big thing in SAP land: Business Process Management . I am signing up (reserving a seat) for: BPM160, Building Your Own Composite Business Processes From Scratch With SAP NetWeaver BPM BPM262, How to Use Business Rules With Business Process Management And I will get in line for COMP278, Service Composition with ES Repository and Composite Application Framework BPM260, The ABC's of Modeling and Using Business Rules in SAP NetWeaver CE IM264, Embedded SAP NetWeaver BI with SAP NetWeaver Visual Composer 7

VC versus Xcelsius challenge

This week I had the change to ‘play’ with the Visual Composer again. Goal was to show a KPI dashboard on top of a BI query. With a gauge and a color (red or green) the status of the KPI had to be clear in one view. Besides that it had to be possible to change the ‘norm’ line online and to add comment on base of the results. It was quite fun to build. Challenges ? Only a few: Find out what BI query on our Discovery Server returned results that could be presented: Trial and error. Coloring the status bar: found in TechEd 2006 session CD151. Slider with the Norm and plotting this line in the graph: Also in CD151. Here is the result: Next to my playing around, two colleagues (Pieter and Xavier) created almost the same demo in Xcelsius . Their result: The customer was impressed by the Business Objects demo. They are interested and currently investigating project possibilities. Great news for the other team! Unfortunately not for me with my Visual Composer. But hey, I already have enough

Ronald and Peter at Demo Jam Berlin

Great news, not only do we have three sessions on this years SAP TechEd , we also have one Demo Jam Session . Peter Mayringer and Ronald Kleijn will perform live on stage a demo on “SAP EP meets web 2.0, floating iViews”, one of the technologies behind the HPP. This will happen Tuesday evening October 14th and will be broadcasted live via SDN TV. I will keep you posted on the URL to watch Peter and Ronald live on stage. What is the Demo Jam? As said, live on stage with an audience formed by all TechEd participants. About 8 demo’s are to be given, each no longer than 6 minutes. Golden rule: NO PowerPoint, only LIVE demo’s . After each presentation the audience makes a lot of noise and the presentation that receives the most … is the winner. Make sure that you support Ronald and Peter, they can use it. During the summer, SAP customers, partners, and employees submitted proposals to demo their new, electrifying technologies or applications at Demo Jam. SAP TechEd is the place where the f