Tuesday, November 22, 2011

So You Think You Can Innovate

Tomorrow is a great day with the CIBER NL finals for our internal innovation competition:

"So You Think You Can Innovate"

What started out with an idea by Mario Smit, lead to a serious competition. From the original 18 participants presenting their idea in the auditions of May, now only 3 are left to 'fight' the final battle.

Voting will be done with a jury of highly valuated customer representatives, counting for 2/3 of the end result. The remaining 1/3 is the public jury voting with the Twitter hashtag #SYTYCI.

So who is competing tomorrow?

Flexible Workflow Wizard (#FWW)
Innovators: Diederick Bossenbroek, Ravi Santani

The Flexible Workflow Wizard is an innovation that let customers create and maintain their procurement workflows in a user friendly centralized web based cockpit environment.

Flexible Workflow Wizard: DEMO from Wiel Moonen on Vimeo.

mTime (#mTime)
Innovators: Jan Willem Kroneman, Leon Zijlstra, Roel van den Berge, Louis van de Wiele

mTime is a ‘lean and mean’ enterprise mobility app which can be used to justify time in a safe, user-friendly and fast way by using a mobile device (iPhone, iPad, Android- of Windows-phone).

By using Titanium, as a development tool, the application needs to be developed only one time and can be unrolled directly for different platforms.
mTime connects via Sybase to the SAP backend system.

View on Healthcare (#ZoZ)
Innovator: Luc de Bruijn

“View on Healthcare” is an application that shows plans, based on the ‘life-care plan’ and the indication of the gravity of care required per scheduled appointment – all on a mobile app.

The nurse on duty will always get the most current care plans, through a “care pathway.”  The plan reflects fixed agreements and highlights active problems, preventing expensive and time-consuming errors.
This application will also serve as a ‘file at-hand,’ where on-the-spot additions to the life-care plan can be made and required observations of active problems can be captured, such as wound registration or weight determination.
The application registers how much time was needed for planned tasks, to help quantify and provide an indication of care.

Good luck guys! You can find me somewhere in the back counting all your votes ... eh tweets ;-)

Scrum and SAP, magic? Only at Hogwarts?

At this years SAP TechEd, I hosted two expert sessions (EXP479 and EXP592) in the SAP Mentor corner. I have some good memories on the sessions as I expected a maximum of 15 people to discuss scrum within SAP projects. But it turned out that around 60 people joined me. So much for interactive discussions :)

Here you can see me sharing experiences on 4 projects in the Netherlands doing scrum in the SAP world. Thanks to Roel for taking the picture.

Maybe you are interested in my SAP Inside Track Bonn presentation as well:

Monday, November 21, 2011

SAP TechEd 2011 key messages


SAP TechEd season is over. In Madrid we had 699 sessions. That means:
  • 860 hours of SAP TechEd stuff;
  • 36 days non stop;
  • 108 working days (8 hours each);
  • 224 expert sessions;
  • 202 lectures;
  • 164 pod sessions;
  • 106 handson sessions.
A lot of knowledge to absorb. And now I'm trying to recap that in only one blog post ;-)

First, let's do the short version: SAP TechEd 2011 in only 3 words:
HANA, Mobility and Innovation


SAP is sending out a stable message. The core is to be stable and flexibility is to be provided to endusers. Huge investments are made to enable 'your own' apps to connect to the SAP backend. With Gateway, Sybase and DUET, SAP realizes that they need to open up. With mobility and other end user platforms the power is back to where it belongs: the end user. The person who actually wants to get work done in the most efficient and effective way, regardless of whatever backend system is underneath.


Let's go back to Vishal's keynote. At first I was a bit disappointed that the mobile aspect was not really in the spotlight, it was all about HANA, HANA and HANA. Then the announcement that SAP is bringing in 20 mobile apps ... only 20? Then again, should SAP deliver a lot of mobile apps to be used by everyone worldwide ... or is SAP to deliver a platform that enables you to create and personalize your own app, targeted at your own user groups. I think the latter. SAP is focussing on the core and how to enable using its core, and that is good.

Allow me to identify some (personal) highlights:

  • 8:00 - 9:00 Landscape simplification with HANA. Data warehouse is dissolving as separate layer and becomes part of the landscape.
  • 9:00 - 9:40 Consolidate and simplify the layers. So much for the good old 5 layer architecture ;-)
  • 11:00 Mobility + Cloud + InMemory AND non disruption. Main innovation focus points for SAP.
  • 13:00 - 13:18 Vishal's first lesson: Innovations can enable a fundamental simplification of your landscape
  • 15:00-20:00 Five key takeaways for HANA. With HANA you are able to ask questions, questions that you didn't think of before or questions that weren't possible or just took too much time.
    • Going deep - Complex questions, interactive questions
    • and broad - large amounts of data, many types of data
    • in real time - recent data, preferably real time
    • with high speed - fast response time, interactivity
    • without pre-fabrication - no data preparation, no pre-aggregates, no tuning
  • 31:38 - 32:35 Second lesson: We are bringing these innovations to renew all our platforms and products. SAP is bringing all innovations to their existing platforms and products.
  • 32:56 – 41:30 Bjorn Goerka on the SAP NetWeaver Platform
  • 33:45 Facts and figures on SAP NetWeaver installations
  • 35:30 BPM to be integrated within SAP PI and the Solution manager. 
  • 41:00 "We take ABAP platform, take Java platform and put HANA underneath. We’re bringing innovation without disrupting what is on top."
  • 54:00 Sybase is mentioned
  • 57:19 We bring 20 apps to you.
  • 57:30 – 57:50 Important statement: "Mobile first, any new user experience that we build, we assume that is for a mobile device first."
  • 64:57 Cloud
  • 76:00 Third lesson. These innovations can empower end users and vastly extend their reach. This third lesson is possibly the most important one. Empowering and extending the reach of your end users.
  • Bring value to your end users, enable them to do things that they weren't able to do before.
  • 78:00 Recap

I also found an interview with Angelique de Vries, managing director at SAP NL, appropriate for closing this blog.
  • 5:26 - 6:08 Technology is going fast, very fast. Look what happened to the iPad. Hop on and join the new world of possibilities.
  • 7:12 - 7:44 Make the difference by embracing innovation.

SAP hasn't lost its cheese, they already found new cheese. How about you?

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Agenda SAP Inside Track NL 2011

The 3rd SAP Inside Track NL

On November 26 another SAP Inside Track is planned, location is Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

We have 50+ participants, 25+ different companies, 14 highly valued knowledge sessions, 8 SAP Mentors, 5 DemoJam contesters, 1 Mrs Penninkhof cooking our dinner and ... you?

The agenda can be found in my SDN blog.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

SAP TechEd Tweet Top 10

Still suffering from the SAP TechEd hangover? At least I am, not that I didn’t enjoy my time over there. Not at all – I really appreciated the event – again. Appreciated the fact that SAP is sending a stable (SAP NetWeaver ;-) message into the world, appreciated to have met all my SAP friends (aka SAP family) again and still feel honored to be part of the SAP Mentor program and by that meeting very interesting people. So that’s why I’m still suffering from the SAP TechEd hangover ;-)

A short look back to last week helps me getting over it. To do so I will use Twitter. Let me share some alternative Top 10’s with you.

SAP InnoJam Madrid Twitter Top 10

With the help from TwUniverse by Martijn Linssen I could analyse all the #InnoJamMa tweets. Here are the results.

1. Greg Chase (@gregchase) with 46 tweets (8%)
2. Fred Verheul (@fredverheul) with 36 tweets (6%)
3. Ivan Femia (@ivanfemia) with 32 tweets (6%)
4. Tim Guest (@timtheguest) with 30 tweets (5%)
5. DJ Adams (@qmacro) with 30 tweets (5%)
6. Marilyn Pratt (@marilynpratt) with 29 tweets (5%)
7. Twan van den Broek (@tbroek) with 25 tweets (4%)
8. Gregor Wolf (@wolf_gregor) with 24 tweets (4%)
9. Chris Kernaghan (@boobboo) with 20 tweets (3%)
10. Roel van den Berge (@roelvdberge) with 16 tweets (3%)

Who was most influential? Please allow me to draw that conclusion on base of tweets got retweeted.
@gregchase (20 = 10.9%);@timtheguest (16 = 8.7%); @qmacro (16 = 8.7%); @tbroek (12 = 6.5%); @marilynpratt(12 = 6.5%); @fredverheul (12 = 6.5%); @jonerp (10 = 5.4%); @wolf_gregor (10 = 5.4%); @ruinogueira (8 = 4.3%); @sapteched (7 = 3.8%)

SAP TechEd Twitter Top 10

Twitter limits the amount of tweets to analyse, fortunately @SAPCommNet created an archive with Twapperkeeper. Here is the #SAPTechEd EMEA Top 10.

1. SAPTechEd (@sapteched) with 376 tweets
2. Chip Rodgers (@chiprodgers) with 278 tweets
3. Fred Verheul (@fredverheul) with 181 tweets
4. SAPCommNet (@SAPCommNet) with 178 tweets
5. Mark Yolton (@MarkYolton) with 175 tweets
6. Tom Cenens (@tomcenens) with 174 tweets
7. Tridip Chakraborthy (@tridipchakra) with 139 tweets
8. Martin Gillet (@mgillet) with 137 tweets
9. Twan van den Broek (@tbroek) with 133 tweets
10. Matthias Steiner (@steinermatt) with 129 tweets

Unfortunately no RT-ed archive available :-(
You can have a look for yourself in the Twapperkeeper archive.

Interview on #sitNL and #sitBRU

During SAP TechEd Rui Nogueira interviewed both Martin Gillet and me on the SAP Inside Track events we are organizing with fellow enthusiasts.

  • SAP Inside Track Netherlands (http://bit.ly/sitnl11), November 26, 2011, Eindhoven.
  • SAP Inside Track Brussels, 2012, Brussels.

A replay is available at the SAP Technology Innovation Show (episode 006).

SAP InnoJam Madrid interview

My colleague Roel van den Berge got interviewed by Rui Nogueira on the SAP InnoJam, a prequel to this years SAP TechEd event.

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Why you can't find me at SAP TechEd

What can I say, busy days ahead ;-)

Green - where I have to say or do something
Orange - reserved hands on sessions
Blue - SAP Mentor sessions
Purple - sessions I am interested in

Please join me at:

  • EXP479, Scrum and SAP, magic? Only at Hogwarts?
  • PMC165, Build system centric processes using combined SAP NetWeaver BPM and PI offering. (supporting as SAP Mentor)
  • EXP592, Scrum and SAP, magic? Only at Hogwarts?

Thursday, November 03, 2011

SAP TechEd 2011 Top 10

Next week we can experience the SAP TechEd in Madrid. Time to do a session analysis. Based on the titles from the 278 scheduled sessions I created the SAP TechEd 2011 Top 10.

  1. (1, 1, 1) SAP NetWeaver (66 sessions)
  2. (2, 2, 10) BusinessObjects (30)
  3. (7, -, -) Mobility (19)
  4. (-, -, -) HANA (16)
  5. (3, 3, 6) ABAP (15)
  6. (4, 5, 4) BPM (14)
  7. (8, -, -) PI (14)
  8. (5, 4, 5) BI (11) 
  9. (-, -, -) Portal (10)
  10. (-, 8, 3) Java (8)
Between brackets results from (2010, 2009 and 2008).

  • It will be no surprise that Mobility is hot, very hot. This year on nr. 3. 
  • And *BANG*, out of nowhere on nr.4 we have HANA.
  • Well, well, Java is back in the list again. Who would have expected that after the kiss of death ;-) 
  • And what about the portal, 10 scheduled sessions on the SAP Portal, where some of us have stated that the portal died.
  • Bit strange that Sybase (6, -, -) has only 6 scheduled sessions. Probably contained within the mobile sessions.
  • Also strange that Microsoft (10, -, -) ended up at nr. 17 with only 3 sessions on Duet and SharePoint.
  • Runners up this year are On-Demand, Gateway, ByDesign and InMemory all with 5 sessions. Bit surprised though as I expected Gateway to end up higher in the list.

BTW, you might be interested in the giant SAP TechEd wordle by Davin Wilfrid, The 500 Most Common Words from SAP TechEd 2011.

See you all next week in Madrid.