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Podcast Internet of Things with SAP HANA Cloud Platform

Just after the CodeJam event we sat together and recorded a podcast on Internet of Things with SAP HANA Cloud Platform.

Professional Scrum Master \o/

Since 2009 I am a big fan of doing scrum , especially in SAP projects. I know there is a lot of fuzz going on around scrum, again especially in SAP projects ;-) But I am convinced that using scrum will really help you to fulfil your customer needs. Not the needs that have been defined some time ago, but the actual requirements to support business challenges. Requirements that can change along the way, just like business challenges. In the years since 2009 I've done a lot of talks on scrum , coached a lot of projects but 'forgot' to certify myself... So that was my personal challenge early May.

Land Rover Experience

Last Saturday we participated in a Land Rover Experience with a few colleagues from The Next View. 4 Defenders and some rough terrain to go through - what an experience. Really amazing what a Defender can do.

This week at SAP // 19

New title for series of blogposts, felt that "An SAP week in Links" just wasn't that catchy ;-) Episode 2015.19 Moya Watson What’s New In HANA Cloud Platform - The SAPPHIRE NOW Announcements Read about SAPHCP Internet of Thing Services. Hope we can get this to the CodeJam end of May. New as well: the Gamification service for enterprise applications.  Matthias Steiner The dark side of IoT Matthias explains where IoT came from and how it is related to Industry 4.0.  Machine integration, process integration, IoT platform and Big Data platform. The Future is already here, it’s just not very evenly distributed.

Recap SAPPHIRE NOW keynotes 2015

With all new things happening in the SAP world, like S/4HANA and IoT, I wish I could have made it to Orlando for SAPPHIRE NOW this week. But luckily SAP shares a lot online, including the full replay of the keynotes. Bill McDermott

An SAP week in links // 18

Episode 2015.18 Jan Penninkhof Custom UI5 themes showcase Jan collects custom UI5 themes, who wants to support? Add your own theme to the collection. Andreas Schmitz What is SAP S/4HANA? 13 Questions Answered Preparations for next weeks SAPPHIRENOW event. Main theme will be S/4HANA, which will be no surprise ;-)