Professional Scrum Master \o/

Since 2009 I am a big fan of doing scrum, especially in SAP projects. I know there is a lot of fuzz going on around scrum, again especially in SAP projects ;-) But I am convinced that using scrum will really help you to fulfil your customer needs. Not the needs that have been defined some time ago, but the actual requirements to support business challenges. Requirements that can change along the way, just like business challenges.
In the years since 2009 I've done a lot of talks on scrum, coached a lot of projects but 'forgot' to certify myself... So that was my personal challenge early May.

And hurrah - I passed \o/

What did I do to get myself certified?

  • Learn the scrum basics and apply them to your project
  • Convince project management, business, team and management on why to do scrum
  • Play scrum by the book
  • Study the scrum guide
  • Do it again ;-)
  • Register yourself on
  • Practice the exam
  • Some additional practice at scrum study
  • And go for it, the real exam is 80 questions in 60 minutes which can be a real challenge if you did not follow the steps above ;-)


Sven van Leuken said…
Gratuliere & welcome to the club :-)
tbroek said…
Thanks Sven (Sventor), I didn't want to stay behind and left outside alone ;-)

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