This week at SAP // 19

New title for series of blogposts, felt that "An SAP week in Links" just wasn't that catchy ;-)

Episode 2015.19

Moya Watson
Read about SAPHCP Internet of Thing Services. Hope we can get this to the CodeJam end of May. New as well: the Gamification service for enterprise applications. 

Matthias Steiner
Matthias explains where IoT came from and how it is related to Industry 4.0. 
Machine integration, process integration, IoT platform and Big Data platform. The Future is already here, it’s just not very evenly distributed.

Michael Ameling
More on the SAPHCP IoT services, better - try them out. Guess this will be fun connecting my Raspberry Pi with temperature sensor to it.

Rick Costanzo
A background story for IoT, a better life for consumers, business opportunities and the secret to succeeding in the digital economy: speed!

Owen Pettiford
Want to build a business case to migrate from PI to PO, use Owen’s tips. See how Fiori and HANA made it into the integration, middleware world.

Denise Nepraunig
There is no one size fits all UI5 strategy. Very well described by Denise and by that started an interesting discussion on SCN.


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