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Agile SAP Meetup

During SAP TechEd 2009 in Vienna I would like to organize an Agile SAP meetup . Let's sit together in the SDN Community Clubhouse with a nice cup of coffee and share thoughts on: Experiences with Agile approaches (Scrum, Smart, Lean, ...) in SAP projects Ideas on making projects more Agile Brainstorm on suggestions to transform ASAP to something more Agile Want to join? Meet us at the community clubhouse: - Thursday 29 October at 14:00.

SAP TechEd 2009 Top 10

It is SAP TechEd Season, every year it is the same story: how to select out of 256 session and build your personal agenda. While browsing through all the sessions I kept a small Top 10 of SAP TechEd topics (*): (1) SAP NetWeaver (88 sessions) (10) BusinessObjects (25) (6) ABAP (16) (5) BI (16) (4) BPM (15) (2) SOA (10) (9) Web Dynpro (9) (3) Java (8) (8) Composition Environment (6) (7) Enterprise Services (5) Between brackets the results from 2008 . So what can we learn ? Java dropped down to #8, ABAP raised to #3. Investments in ABAP paying off? Business Objects climbed to #2, with BI on #4 a lot of 'suit' sessions are entering the SAP TechEd schedule. BO and BI are not real 'geeks', they are suits playing with technology ;-) SOA is falling down to #6. The hype is over? BPM lost one place to BI. I would have thought that BPM would climb some places this year. Runner up topics: Xcelsius (3) and Sustainability (3) (*) Disclaimer: This Top 10 i

Preparing the Agile SAP presentation

Some time ago Sander and I sat together to prepare our Agile SAP story for the SOA symposium conference. We still have to finalize, it will be a just in time delivery ;-) But hey - the main line is set: By the way we also appear in an expert (what about that ;-) panel discussion on Agile development and Service Orientation .

12,5 years CIBER NL

Last Friday we celebrated 12,5 years of CIBER NL. The band was formed by 10 colleagues. A good atmosphere and a good party!

SAP TechEd season

With SAP TechEd season coming up, this is a great video to have a look behind the scenes from last years SAP TechEd. 4500 attendees, 1000 laptops, 3.5 kilometers of truss, 12000 square meters of carpet and 15000 sandwiches How about that ;-)