TopForce Learning Day

Last Friday it was our TopForce Learning Day “Towards Professional Excellence”. Again a good one, especially the innovation hour with demo’s on:

  • the High Performance Portal, by Ronald and Peter
  • the iPhone PeopleFinder application, by Frodo and Leo
  • the e-HRM solution for a Dutch customer, by Ingrid

This time I decided to capture the day on my camcorder in order to catch the energy and fun that we experience on such a day. Good idea … but it leaves me now with 45 minutes of film and I want to reduce that to a maximum movie length of 5 minutes. When can I find the time to do that…

Fortunately André made some (148 ;-) pictures on Flickr.

Preparing the demo

Do not give me too much credits, I am just installing the webcam for the iPhone demo ;-)


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