SAP TechEd 2008, TopForce infiltration

On July 7th the Call For Proposals started for SAP's TechEd in Berlin, a major opportunity for us Technonerds to host a session on the TechEd. Tell me, who doesn’t want to host a session on the SAP Tech Event of the year, the SAP TechEd.

So with 9 colleagues we prepared 7 sessions and sent them to SAP.

  • High Performance Portal: An Open Source Portal/CMS on SAP NetWeaver, Peter Mayringer and Ronald Kleijn
  • Putting SAP at your fingertips – Integrating SAP with the iPhone, Leo van Hengel and Frodo Jansen
  • Composites in the real world, Twan van den Broek
  • Is your organization really ready for E/SOA? Niels Doeleman
  • Composition of SAP and GIS, Peter Mayringer
  • Ensuring traceability with Principal Propagation in PI / BPM, André Stuy
  • How to use the power of BAM, Paul van Os

Different than last year there was no voting round on SDN but a selection committee studied all proposals and picked out 15 sessions. 10 SDN related and 5 BPX related session for the TechEd in Berlin.

Guess what …


This is great news of course as there is no other SAP partner that won 3 sessions, even not at TechEd Las Vegas, but TopForce did! No surprise that I am very proud with this result.

So please mark your calendar and visit us at SAP’s TechEd in Berlin.

PS. This is not everything yet, we also applied for the Demo Jam session with the iPhone integration and the Open Source Portal. We do not have an answer yet from SAP for the TechEd in Berlin – patience …


Anonymous said…
I didn't expect anything else ;-)
Anonymous said…
Congrats! That's indeed very good!
Anonymous said…
Congratulations and looking forward to your presentation in Berlin.
tbroek said…
Thanks guys, let's make sure that we drink a beer together in Berlin! You will most certainly recognize us ;-)
Unknown said…
well list appreciated keep updates see sap groups for management and consulting.

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