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The #SAPRiver Of Dreams

Eindhoven, March 7, SAP CodeJam on SAP River SAP specialists  Inbal Zilberman  and  Yoram Hod  travelled to Eindhoven to share the passion and enthusiasm in a CodeJam on SAP River  with us. Inbal already wrote about her experiences in a  summary blog . Is SAP River the new ABAP? Join a local CodeJam or apply for a free account on  and follow the  tutorials  to find out yourself. Initially it might be a bit scary, but the tutorials will lead the way, no need to have hydrophobia. Let’s recall a song by  Billy Joel – The River Of Dreams : To the river so deep I must be lookin' for something The SAP River might look  deep  or filled with wild water, but as SAP Developers we are looking for  something , the future of SAP Development. No need to be afraid – just jump into the water and swim! Inbal kicks off the event Yoram shows the code

HANA Cafe NL - a series of podcasts to begin

SAP HANA Cafe Netherlands - a series of podcasts about all the fun things in our life as SAP developers. Roel van den Berge, Jan Penninkhof and Twan van den Broek will start and invite other friends of the Dutch SAP Mafia to join in the coming episodes.