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Podcast CodeJam ABAP on HANA with Fiori

A new episode in our HANA Cafe NL series, today we discussed the CodeJam   ABAP on HANA with Fiori

An SAP week in links // 17

Episode 2015.17 Rui Nogueira HTML5 apps with SAP Web IDE on SAP HANA Cloud Platform Another detailed blog by Rui on how to create an HTML5 app, this time using the WebIDE. As a result you'll have Fiori tiles presenting you the weather forecast. Gregor Wolf Raspberry Pi on SAP HANA Cloud Platform - without Java - Part 1: XSODATA Backend Internet of Things with a Raspberry Pi, inspired by Rui , but now without the die-hard Java coding piece. Gregor uses the WebIDE.

Simplify your SAP system with SAP HANA Cloud Platform (SAPHCP)

April 8, SAP Innovation Forum at SAP Netherlands . My talk about simplicity, run simple with SAP. With SAP HANA Cloud Platform to be precise.