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SAP TechEd 07 in pictures

The event is over :( Here is a recap in pictures on flickr. As we had a very strict dress code, we were quite visible during the whole event. Thanks to René for ironing.

Key statements SAP TechEd

This year's theme is Enterprise SOA , put the power to work. Some short statements from Münich are: Continuous and accelerated innovation E-SOA by design in stead of E-SOA by evolution Collaboration , web 2.0 in your enterprise environment Shift from operational efficiency to competitive differentiation And, I am very happy with that ;-), in 2008 a strong focus on composite processes and developer productivity with the composition environment Composites – composites – composites !!

Composite Applications: Real or Hype?

Composite applications, hype or real? Is it just a new way to develop applications or is it really something new? In this article an explanation is given on composite applications within the SAP world. What are composite applications and how they will help you to innovate your business process. You can read more about this in my article that I published on SDN, Composite Applications, Real or Hype? And yes, I am very happy again that SDN published a link on the SDN homepage .

SAP TechEd Trouble

Wauw, great My Agenda functionality. It uploaded all my favorite TechEd sessions into my Outlook agenda. But .... it also made clear that I still have to sort out what session to attend at what moment. When can I reserve some time to figure that out? Well probably - as every year - during the flight tomorrow to Münich. Our annual event starts tomorrow. I will try to update you via this blog with the latest on this years SAP TechEd .


Last week the SAP TechEd took place in Las Vegas. Unfortunately I did not attend that one ;-) But there is already some interesting stuff to view on SAP TV . Have a look at a short interview with Tim O’Reilly , keynote speaker and the one that made “Web 2.0” famous. Hungry for more? Check the full keynote video with Tim. Or the keynote presentation from SAP executives . The Future is Here… Unleash the Power of Your Business Network with Enterprise SOA Read about that in the keynote presentation . Enjoy a summary from the Demo Jam , a must attend event during the TechEd. In this summary you can see the guys from Colgate who use the Wii as a remote control within the SAP world. It looks that they combined Wii control with an Apple iPhone user interface, check it out!! More on SAP and the Wii .