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VNSG DemoJam 2012

A personalized dashboard at a glance What about entering your office in the morning and get a personalized dashboard at a glance? That was our DemoJam idea that we brought to stage at VNSG last week. Our script: Motorman Stoei enters and gets the train schedule presented Manager Broekemans enters and sees the motorman delay dashboard As this is not the first time Stoei has serious delays on his schedule, Broekemans decides to ask for a demotion  HR manager de Vries has the UWL as a personal dashboard and sees the request from Broekemans As she agrees with Broekemans, she approves the request. Within SAP HR Stoei gets demoted When Stoei passes the dashboard again, he notices that he has a new job: moving coals to the oven What did we use: Kinect camera for face recognition Microsoft Visual Studio to build face recognition software SAP HR for organizational structure SAP BO for motorman delay dashboard SAP Portal and UWL for task list A lot of spare time ;-)