VNSG DemoJam 2012

A personalized dashboard at a glance

What about entering your office in the morning and get a personalized dashboard at a glance? That was our DemoJam idea that we brought to stage at VNSG last week.

Our script:
  • Motorman Stoei enters and gets the train schedule presented
  • Manager Broekemans enters and sees the motorman delay dashboard
  • As this is not the first time Stoei has serious delays on his schedule, Broekemans decides to ask for a demotion 
  • HR manager de Vries has the UWL as a personal dashboard and sees the request from Broekemans
  • As she agrees with Broekemans, she approves the request. Within SAP HR Stoei gets demoted
  • When Stoei passes the dashboard again, he notices that he has a new job: moving coals to the oven

What did we use:
  • Kinect camera for face recognition
  • Microsoft Visual Studio to build face recognition software
  • SAP HR for organizational structure
  • SAP BO for motorman delay dashboard
  • SAP Portal and UWL for task list
  • A lot of spare time ;-)
The result:
  • When we got on stage as fifth DemoJam team the internet connection was broken, and so was the VPN connection to SAP :(
  • After a reset we were able to start our show
  • During the show, around 3:15, the internet connection was down again. The web service call to SAP dropped an error
  • We didn't get the connection up again and sooner than we expected the given 5 minutes were already gone :(
  • The YouTube movie shows you how our demo should have looked on stage.


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