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Recap Global SAP Build & Automate tour - No Code / Low Code -- No Stress

  October 21, 2022 - Global #SAPBuild and Automate Tour stopped at SAP NL to showcase AppGyver and Process Automation, both part of SAP Build.  A recap with Coen Sanderink, Jan Penninkhof, Marc Huber and Peter Engel: Podcast HANA Café NL:

SAP TechEd 2022 keynote expectations and evaluation

With an onsite and online community we pre-discussed the SAP TechEd keynote, watched the event together and afterwards evaluated all the messages. 👉 Keynote expectations . 👉 Keynote evaluation with the community and product management. Data & Analytics with Nick Verhoeven AI with Hadi Hares Low Code / No Code with Marc Huber and Peter Engel And here are the invite videos that Coen, Jan and I made 😀

Closed loop for an intelligent factory using SAP DMC and SAPBTP

Modern manufacturing is evolving from separate, segregated functional divisions into a unified connected, smart factory. But doing so requires a safe pair of hands, proven experience and modern future-proofed systems. Today we'll cover the way to an intelligent factory using #SAPBTP and #SAPDMC, Digital Manufacturing Cloud.  Make sure your processes have the ability to learn  Anticipate on problems  Use this insight for new situations Your hosts: Nitin van Nieuwenhoven (Atos), Willem Dekkers (Atos), Jan Penninkhof (SAP) and Twan van den Broek (SAP). 📺 Video replay 🎙 Podcast