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Another #sitNL recap?

Yes, another one. But I promise you: it will be my last - this year  So we went to SAP TechEd, learned a lot and  paid it forward  at the SAP TechEd XPerience –  SAP Inside Track Netherlands . Just processed the evaluation feedback, and again I find myself with a big smile on my face   What a positive reactions on our  5 th  anniversary . Thanks!! Here’s a short video recap:

SAP User Experience event

The Future is NOW!  That was our main theme for an SAP User Experience event on October 3rd. It is referring to the current possibilities to improve the user experience within the SAP world without having to migrate to the latest new release of ECC. You can do it today! And that is a good thing as User Experience (UX in short) is hot, even for SAP as it is one of SAP’s main focus points for 2013. We all know where SAP came from with the grey/blue transaction screens ;-)  Picture from SAP Design Guild , some more historic screens at their site. Finally we now realised that it not about the transaction to be executed but about an end-to-end business process . And to really support the user of this process a user-friendly user interface is key. It is the difference between searching for the information you need and supporting your business process. That is how you can identify a good user experience.

Keep on coding in the free world

At this years SAP Inside Track Netherlands ( #sitNL ), Roel van den Berge shared his experiences on SAP TechEd with regards to SAP Mobile and SAP Fiori. And on top of that he showed us a very creative movie, based on SAP TechEd's keynote which stated Code enables freedom So, Roel came up with new lyrics for " Rockin' in the free world " from Neil Young. I think he did a great job, the new SAP based lyrics even match the original ones!