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SAP NetWeaver plans – No slides just songs

When we (service line managers CIBER ) got together to share our plans for 2012, I decided to not do a powerpoint or prezi again. Back to a small cue card and only supported by 6 songs. Doing things differently in order to make sure that the SAP NetWeaver message could not be forgotten by my colleagues. In my presentation I asked what songs I was playing and what would be the link to my story. In this blog I will help you with that ;-) Plans for CIBER's SAP NetWeaver service line on four topics: People, Projects, Innovation and Promotion. First song was Doe Maar – 'Is dit alles / Is this everything', a song by a famous Dutch band from the 80’s. The song states that you have everything that you want but that there still is this feeling that there must me more … As I stated in a previous blog, I am very proud on our 2011 achievements.  It was a good year, but I still think that there is more to achieve with our team. People On the People site, we are growing towa

2011? Proud!

Proud! Just one word to describe 2011. Proud that our SAP NetWeaver team grew with 8 new colleagues.  Proud on the fact that we cover a broad perspective on SAP NetWeaver services. Proud that we collaborate and co-innovate with our colleague service lines. Proud on our innovative ideas that are covered in our business development program. Proud on the results that we have achieved with our customers. Trust! And again just one word to announce 2012. Trust that the CIBER SAP NetWeaver club is going to book more successes. Trust that our expertise gets acknowledged with Special Expertise Partnership by SAP. Trust in delivering new innovative ideas. Trust in my colleagues that make our SAP NetWeaver team. Some highlights : Participation within the “ So You Think You Can Innovate ” competition with 2 entries in the final.  From idea to realization with mTime , our mobile time writing solution with Sybase.   Participation in InnoJam Den Bosch and Madrid. Mobil