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SDN Virtual Community Day

Last Thursday was my first webcast at SDN: Agile SAP, Mission Impossible ? The replay is, just as the other sessions, available on SDN . With a webcast it is a kind of difficult to interact with the people that are connected. Known pitfall is then to start talking faster and faster. I sure hope that the message got through. And for those who want to view the presentation again - it is available via SlideShare: On the last slide some interesting links to more information are available. During the session some questions arose in the chat window. Use cases instead of user stories : We thought that user stories are very well applicable to web environments. But in our situation we also had a lot of backend functionality and processes to be realized. Therefore we decided to model everything with use cases. Bigger size teams (>=100): Our team developed 1/3 of the total solution. The other teams did not work according to scrum. But if they did there is a scrum of scrums approach to share

The Agile SAP Roadshow

Coming weeks are story telling weeks. Sander Hoogendoorn and I have our Agile SAP story on the agenda at the following events: September 24, 17:00 (GMT+1) 2009 Virtual Community Day An SDN webcast open to everyone who is interested. After my slides I hope to have an interesting discussion with fellow SDNers on this topic. This will be my first webcast, I will try to prevent any technical flaws ;-) Follow the Twitter updates to get the link where the session is broadcasted. October 22, 14:15 SOA Symposium, Rotterdam Sander and I will do the “ Agile SAP: Mission Impossible ” show together for the first time. Hope we have enough time for all our slides and stories ;-) October 27 – 29, SAP TechEd Vienna During the SAP TechEd in Vienna I hope to find a timeslot to organize a meet up with other agile enthusiastic participants. Maybe we can find each other in the community clubhouse and have a cappuccino together. November 25, 14:00 Landelijk Architectuur Congres 2009 (Dutch Architec