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SAP TechEd 2007 – Hard to choose

So I went through this years TechEd schedule . And again this year promises to be a great TechEd year . So much to choose from and too few time to attend all the sessions you want. I created my My Agenda and filled it with all my personal interests. Guess what: all time slots have overlapping sessions. Next thing I had to do is prioritize. I definitely want to attend: SOA250, Enterprise SOA today: Developing an End-to-End Enterprise SOA Scenario and CE251, Advanced techniques with Guided Procedures in SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment 7.1 . I used my reservation options for those two hands-on workshops. That, by the way, is new this year, you can reserve up to 2 hands-on workshops to guarantee a seat. I think that is great, now I can enjoy my lunch in stead of rushing to get something to eat and then waiting until the doors will open. Also new is that handouts will not be printed for lecture presentations. This will certainly save the life of some trees on our world. As alternat

Learning day – Building blocks for the High-Performance Workplace

Last Friday was a great day, our learning day with as central theme: the High-Performance Workplace. You can revisit the day by visiting the Flickr set . A learning day? It is a knowledge sharing day. As an information company we can gain knowledge by sharing it. A small recap from my site: A boomerang for Jasper , in the hope that he will find the way back after his travel around the world. We can use our ecosystem of ISV’s and partners to get things done, for example: Sweetlets . So what is the High-Performance Workplace ? It is a growing subject of which we will hear much more in the future. You can read about it at Gartner’s HPW blog . And you can be part of it by defining what a High-Performance Workplace is. Socialize on the internet, combine your life with your e-life on Hyves , , Flickr and LinkedIn . As TopForce we can bridge the gap between the SAP world and the information worker’s real world. Our mind shift has to change from technology to people . A porta

SAP TechEd 2007

This year's TechEd is in Münich again. If you attend, please read my tips from last year on how to survive , they are still valid ;-) And yes, you can now check what sessions you want to attend, the TechEd agenda is online. Are you as curious as I am to this year’s keynote? A TechEd without Shai , it is a pitty! I was (and still am) a little jealous on his speaking capabilities.