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How to get value from E-SOA

My presentation last Friday at our Learning Day was titled: "E-SOA in the real world". Have you ever seen an End-to-End Enterprise SOA Scenario? No, well you are probably more close to it than you can imagine. A high-level term taken explained on a deep down level to prove that we can bring E-SOA to live at our customers site. Key take-a-ways are: E-SOA is a mindshift in thinking and doing Focus on process in stead of technology Facilitate the information workers Quickly follow up on innovations in business processes Think out-of-the SAP box Get your hands dirty Glad that I am not alone ;-) Have a look at this Gartner article, How to get value now from SAP's Enterprise SOA , posted today on SDN .

Learning Day, the TechEd experience

Last friday it was Learning Day at TopForce , this time's theme was, of course, the SAP TechEd . And yes, we almost had a full house: Again a day of lots of knowledge sharing by Peter , Ronald , Gareth , me , André , Maurice , Chris , Victor , Arko and Hilco (our president of the day). You can relive the day in pictures with my Flickr Album . Mr. Kuiper with his hilarious speech was good fun: