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I Love Visual Composer

As said before, I am really happy with a tool as the Visual Composer , so happy that I even have a bumper sticker for it ;-) Previously I did a presentation with the visual composer called: How to create an application in only 10 minutes . I did some restyling on this app, and really with just a few clicks you have a wizard on top of your screen that aids your end-user through the application / process. You can define layers and add your input or output to these layers, make sure that you choose for Wizard at Navigation control and then ... deploy it and enjoy it. Some screen shots: Final application with layers Step 1, Get Customers Step 2, Customer List Step 3, Customer Details ps. You can order your own copy of the I Love Bumper Sticker here .

Developers, developers, developers, ...

I often refer to myself as a die hard ABAP developer ;-) When I look at this video I am sure that I do not have to be ashamed of myself: Of course you have recognized Steve Balmer from Microsoft in the movie. A promise at this very moment: When I reach the top as Steve did, I will do the same dance ;-) There is another one, I think it is the original: Steve Balmer's dance. Thanks to Frank for sending me the links to these movies. Good luck man!

Goodbye - Hello

A big step in my life, a switch from company, on April 1st I left Capgemini after 12 years and joined TopForce . On the last knowledge meeting on Adobe forms, hosted by Jan-Willem and Tiny, I brought a customized cake: Some highlights of the past events 'printed' on a cake. You can do the same, with your own picture of course, at the site of the Hema . So what is it? Is it a goodbye, is it a hello ? Or as some former colleagues wrote to me: there is no such thing as saying goodbye . We will meet again!

Proud to be on SDN

The demo application that Ronald and I made for the SAPience is documented in a SDN blog: A composite application cookbook . So if you want to try this at home - and really you should - follow the cookbook and enjoy your composite. After posting to SDN I got a very enthusiastic reaction from Marilyn Pratt , she is a member of the SDN team and the community evangelist for the Business Process Expert Community . She made it possible that the cookbook was posted on the CAF homepage on SDN. That already made me proud. A few days later I received an SMS from Rik: "Hey you are on the SDN homepage ". No need to say that this made me very proud!