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SAP Mentor Monday on Lean and SAP

A replay of yesterday's SAP Mentor Monday ( #SAPMM ) is available at SDN . A webinar where Björn Goerke , Dagfinn Parnas and I shared experiences on scrum within the SAP world. A highly interactive session with interesting discussions. More info (and other replays) available at SAP Mentor Monday wiki .

The magic of scrum

The magic of scrum Everyone is interested in the golden key to enforce successful projects. Nobody wants to be disappointed with the results after a few months, or even years, hard work. Time to apply some magic to SAP projects? Is that possible? Is scrum the magic word , is it a silver bullet? Why is scrum getting more popular in the SAP world? What do people want to achieve while looking at agile methodologies? According to the 2010 Version One investigation , it is about (amongst others): Accelerate time to market  Enhance ability to manage changing priorities  Improve alignment between IT and business  At talks about applying scrum to the SAP world I often hear the following expectations: Bring in the business!  Enable team spirit  Bring fun to team  It brings opportunities to business  Show software deliveries frequently to all stakeholders  Expectation management, what do I really need  Facilitate delivery process with continuous improvement  Happy users that a

SAP communities ROCK! (the sequel)

On our internal CIBER knowledge carousel I did a talk on how SDN can boost your career. If you share your knowledge, others can learn from you. But at the same time you can learn from others. Learn by Sharing! SAP communties rock! View more presentations from Twan van den Broek . Read a recap by Arjen van der Sluijs on Storify .

The gamification of Demo Jam

Some Demo Jam thoughts The Demo Jam is a very powerful event at SAP TechEd to show latest innovations by customers, partners and SAP. No sales pitch allowed. No powerpoints or prezis. Just your demo and a timer set at 6 minutes. I even remember some teams doing live coding on stage. The last few years a lot is said on the Demo Jam event. It has become a marketing event for SAP, the rules of the game have been changed, it's only SAP on stage, ... Maybe you can recall the lively twitter stream during and after last year's Demo Jam. Thorsten Franz already wrote a great blog on the Genuine Demo Jam Awesomeness and he refers to another great blog by Michael Koch , What Is Wrong With SAP TechEd Demo Jam 2009 . Please allow me to share some thoughts on the Demo Jam as well. What makes Demo Jam so great? Live shows on stage by fellow SAP NetWeaver enthusiasts , some very serious and others hilarious  Customers, Partners and SAP employees willing to offer spare (own) time t

Meet the SAP Mentors

On the very last (look how tired I am ;-) day of SAP TechEd 2011 SAP Mentors got interviewed on their role within the SAP community. Watch the complete series on Meet the SAP Mentors at YouTube.