SAP TechEd Topic Top 10 edition 2017

With a bit of delay it is time to announce the SAP TechEd Topic Top 10 - edition 2017. Just like in 2016 I've gone through the list of sessions that were provided in Barcelona.

It is a simple process, just for fun purposes. All sessions are in an excel and I filter only the 2hr and 4hr hands-on workshops, lectures and the CodeJam mini editions (in total 520 sessions). Next is to count the number of sessions on a specific topic. List that out, sort and you'll get an SAP TechEd Topic Top 10 ;-)

For all you nostalgic types: some history in the 2016, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008 ones.

Here we go:

#Last yearTopic# Sessions
13Cloud160 (+88)
22S/4HANA87 (+14)
36SAP Cloud Platform85 (+49)
41HANA (excluding S/4HANA, BW/4HANA)75 (-32)
54Fiori 45 (-12)
6--Machine Learning36 (+19)
77Mobile20 (-9)
88ABAP16 (-7)
9--Cloud Foundry14 (+12)
1010Internet of Things13 (=)

Rising stars, new in the Top 10

  • Machine Learning 
  • Cloud Foundry

Lost topics

  • Business Objects, last year at 5 with 39 sessions, this year at 11 with 13 sessions. 
  • Security, at 9 last year. This year at 12 with 12 sessions

Topics just outside of the Top 10

  • UX (13 sessions)
  • SAP Leonardo (12)
  • BW, BI, BW/4HANA (12)
  • Big data (12)
  • Predictive (10)
  • Blockchain (10)

Some insights

  • If I add all UX related together (Fiori, UX, UI5, Build, CoPilot, Screen Personas), there is a total of 76 sessions, that would make it to the 4th place.
  • Look forward to 2018, what will happen with ABAP now that you can also bring the ABAP language to SAP Cloud Platform

What do you think, what should be in the SAP TechEd Top 10 - edition 2018? Machine Learning higher? Blockchain? Predictive? Or how to create addons to S/4HANA?


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