Mash up your application

During our E-SOA carrousel I did a demo on how to mash up your application. Of course, for those who already know me, it will be no surprise that I did this with the Visual Composer. The demo looks like the one I described in this post on building an application in 10 minutes, but with the help of Ronald Kleijn I changed it a little. In stead of showing the temperature, the actual location of a customer is shown on a Mappoint map.
On my SDN blog I described all the steps to get to this mash up application. Of course you can also find the screen prints over there.

Unfortunately, due to performance issues, I missed to share my key take-a-ways for the E-SOA demo. But I am most willing to share them with you in this post ;-)
In order to enter the real E-SOA world:

  • Be a Business Process Expert
  • Be a SAP NetWeaver Developer
  • Start with new ideas, stop traditional thinking
  • Think outside the SAP box
And please remember: Limits are formed mostly by your thoughts


Anonymous said…
Keep up the good work.

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