First publication

Wow, I have my first publication in SAP NetWeaver Magazine:

The Next Wave of Mashups: Real-World Lessons of Building a Portal with Composite Applications and Enterprise SOA.

Like mashups, composite applications bring together Web-based functionality in new ways. Follow one company’s implementation effort using composite applications in a portal environment. This process offers some insight into how these innovative applications can drive more responsive processes and improve online services for employees and customers.

The article describes our work at Luminus and is based on an earlier posting: Real Life Composites. It is the result of a first draft (hmm well it was my final 1.0 version ;-) that I have sent to SAP NetWeaver Magazine last April. After some questioning and editing you can now read the result, both on the web and in the real magazine. Never done before, but is sure feels nice when the hard copy arrives on your doormat. That happened last week and now even my mom wants a hard copy ;-)

Feel free to comment on the content ...


Anonymous said…
Twan, congrats with your first article; a great one! I still remember the excitement when I did my first publication (on SAP MDM in SAP Info). And yes, my mum also has a print-out hanging on the wall of her home ;-). So I know what you are going thru; it is a special thing.

I would like to further elaborate on the position of the integration layer. You put CAF in the integration layer, which I can understand. But by doing so, the integration layer becomes a stable part of the 5-layered stack, right?

Rik L.

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