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SAP TechEd 2011 Top 10

Next week we can experience the SAP TechEd in Madrid. Time to do a session analysis. Based on the titles from the 278 scheduled sessions I created the SAP TechEd 2011 Top 10.

  1. (1, 1, 1) SAP NetWeaver (66 sessions)
  2. (2, 2, 10) BusinessObjects (30)
  3. (7, -, -) Mobility (19)
  4. (-, -, -) HANA (16)
  5. (3, 3, 6) ABAP (15)
  6. (4, 5, 4) BPM (14)
  7. (8, -, -) PI (14)
  8. (5, 4, 5) BI (11) 
  9. (-, -, -) Portal (10)
  10. (-, 8, 3) Java (8)
Between brackets results from (2010, 2009 and 2008).

  • It will be no surprise that Mobility is hot, very hot. This year on nr. 3. 
  • And *BANG*, out of nowhere on nr.4 we have HANA.
  • Well, well, Java is back in the list again. Who would have expected that after the kiss of death ;-) 
  • And what about the portal, 10 scheduled sessions on the SAP Portal, where some of us have stated that the portal died.
  • Bit strange that Sybase (6, -, -) has only 6 scheduled sessions. Probably contained within the mobile sessions.
  • Also strange that Microsoft (10, -, -) ended up at nr. 17 with only 3 sessions on Duet and SharePoint.
  • Runners up this year are On-Demand, Gateway, ByDesign and InMemory all with 5 sessions. Bit surprised though as I expected Gateway to end up higher in the list.

BTW, you might be interested in the giant SAP TechEd wordle by Davin Wilfrid, The 500 Most Common Words from SAP TechEd 2011.

See you all next week in Madrid.


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