The Garbage Collector - SAP DemoJam 2012 entry

The Garbage Collector - A cloud solution that simplifies your waste administration process.

Deliver a simplified waste administration process to truck drivers and weigh bridge operators. See how SAP NetWeaver Cloud with SAP NetWeaver BPM and SAP UI5 actually facilitate a process that usually is handled in all kind of paper documents.

The Garbage Collector is a solution for waste companies that want to facilitate their administrative process with their customers. Within a customer self service portal a truck with cargo is pre-announced. At arrival the truck's license plate gets scanned and the appropriate details from SAP will be presented to the operator at the weigh bridge. After the truck is weighed, the weight will be entered into the application and sent to SAP. The process ends with sending an invoice to the customer.
In the case a customer order is not present in the backend system, the application triggers a message that the truck is unknown and the customer details have to be entered before weighing can take place.

That's about it. No more cumbersome paper flows required for operators and truck drivers. Simplification brought to end users.

This is the SAP TechEd DemoJam 2012 entry by Leo van Hengel and me. Hope we can make it on stage.  But we face some serious competition:

Gregor Wolf, Jan Penninkhof and others with the SAPLink plugin for Eclipse:

SAP Droids Food Agent:

Keytree with StoreTrek:


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