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#sitNL - About Communities and Families

SAP Inside Track the Netherlands - About Communities and Families

Also published on SDN.

"A picture is worth a 1000 words" - an old saying, and this saying will help me writing this blog  How else can I explain all the good vibes that we felt at SAP Inside Track the Netherlands? Maybe with the one word explanation byThorsten Franz "Community", immediately followed by Mrs. Penninkhof with "Family". Well then, nothing more to add ;-)

You can see for yourself in our recap movie:

What did our agenda offer to our 45 attendees and 17 online participants? Well at least it was a long 'sit'.

Still laughing at the end of the day ...


in thousand pictures:

Welcome and opening

Replay - sorry for bad sound
sitNL kickoff
First experiences with ABAP on HANA

An opening session by Tobias and Thorsten, two self declared kids in a toy store, describing their experience in the HANA Customer Engagement Initiative. No slides, just Thorsten and Tobias!
Thorsten's personal highlights was Tobias coming out as amathematician ;-)

Creating mobile solutions based on cloud and on premise NetWeaver. No Powerpoint slides, only live demos and explanation

The Garbage Collector Deep Dive

Replay (Starts at 3:30)
Design Thinking

For a first time we hosted a remote session in the agenda as well. After resolving some communication issues (ended up in just calling Phil by phone) we were able to attend an interesting Design Thinking session.

Replay (Starts at 10:30)
A sneak peak into the pots of SAP Research's labs - an Operations cockpit for NW Cloud

Replay (Sorry for bad sound)
HANA Extended Application Services

Thomas Jung, formerly known as ABAPfreak, now totally into HANA. It lead to a discussion whether ABAP developers are a dying breed.

Replay - not available, sorry for that (we missed pushing the recording button ...)
ABAP developers, what does your future in SAP look like?

Roel, known to me as an passionate techie, hosted a session on a soft topic. With his enthusiasm he took us all on the journey into the future. Don’t sit and wait, act! It’s not your boss who is responsible for your career - it’s you.
Roel certainly looked further than his nose long was (sorry bad translation of Dutch saying).

Security? For sure I'll break SAP. Oh and I will also tell how to fix it again...

Hacking into your ABAP or Java system or preventing someone hacking into your system. Joris knows how to handle. Note to myself, never lend your laptop to someone with the skills of Joris 

The power of communities

The mother of our community, Marilyn, talked about the power of communities. Prevent that you kill innovation or have non participating communities. Learn how to fail!
Being involved in the Geek Night - Process Design Slam - Innovation Weekend - InnoJam, I can for sure tell you that Marilyn knows where we should be heading.
Please check her TEDx talk as well.

Latest insight on SAP en Microsoft interoperability and stuff like Duet Enterprise, W8 and Win RT

Pim talked about what once was said to be the holy grail - SAP and Microsoft combined in Duet. With SharePoint mobile enabled there is huge freedom of choice for all you enterprise mobility developers.

Data Visualization is a new old topic; worth discussing the current "state of the art"

Vitaliy - who won the price of traveling the most kilometers to Eindhoven. Thank you for that! And yes, he was a data geek before it was cool. To illustrate his story he used graphs - really old ones - from the year 1802!

Replay - video missing, sorry for that
Q&A: ABAP Development Tools aka ABAP in Eclipse + SAPlink for ADT

Uwe must be very happy to still be able to run transaction SE38 within Eclipse. Another great example of the fact that ABAP developers are not a dying breed, as long as you keep your knowledge up to date.

Update on the status of SAP Developer Center after TechEds (not just from Madrid, but as well from Vegas and Bangalore)

A second session, with a second shirt, putting developers in the center. Try - Develop - Share and Sell.

Thorstenster's surprise show

Professor Thorsten hosted a surprise college about Pagination in HANA. Guess next year we will all be able to book a 2 or 4 hour hands on workshop by Thorsten at SAP TechEd.

Replay (Starts at 3:40)
Mobilize your SAP backend with NetWeaver Gateway. End2End scenario using ECC, NetWeaver Gateway, NetWeaver Cloud and SAPUI5.

Roelof Jan, a sitNL newbie, explained that he was a gateway and cloud newbie but has a lot of years experience in doing ABAP (an ABAP oldbie?). A real daredevil by doing live coding on stage!

SCN Pubquiz

A social event to conclude a day of learning and sharing knowledge. Sven took a deep dive into SDN and came up with all kind of community questions to be answered with a simple Yes or No. This was great fun!

Replay (sorry for bad sound, starts at 1:50)
Dinner party
Mrs. Penninkhof

Every family event is to be ended with a special dinner. We were very happy to have Mrs. Penninkhof, Haseenah, with us to cook us a lovely, delicious, dinner. That alone was worth while traveling to Eindhoven to attend sitnl, as said by the attendees.



Thanks again to our sponsors for being able to create a high quality event with fantastic food, beverages and prices.

Final thanks

Last words

Want to see more pics? Check out our sitNL album on Flickr.

SAP Inside Tracks are community events in optima forma, I hope that, after reading this blog, you will attend your local version. And please mark your agenda: December 2013, the fifth sitnl!


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