SAP HANA Cloud Integration (SAPHCI) CodeJam and podcast

SAP HANA Cloud Integration (SAPHCI) now public available, enough reason for a CodeJam and podcast episode.

June 27th, Guido Koopmann and Igor Mitrovic organized a CodeJam on SAP HANA Cloud Integration, SAP HCI in short. With about 30 participants it is clear that the topic is hot, mostly due to the fact that the cloud integration solution is now available separately. No need to first buy one of the other SAP cloud solutions, the tight integration with SAP HANA Cloud Platform is gone.

Udo Paltzer from SAP joined the CodeJam and shared his enthusiasm with all the participants. HANA Café NL was able to record an episode at the event. You will hear, in English this time, about:

  • The product and its editions
  • Possible use Cases
  • Preconfigured content
  • Partner certification (both for content and adapters)
  • Participant reactions to the CodeJam event

HANA Cloud Integration comes in 2 editions:

  • Standard – Connect 10 systems, 100 GB bandwidth
  • Enterprise – Connect 25 systems, 1000 GB bandwidth

On top of the edition it is possible to buy extension packages to connect more systems or to get more bandwidth. Both the standard and the enterprise edition come as a fixed price per month subscription. Exact pricing will be available any day soon (as stated June 27th).

SAP HCI is not the same as SAP PI (or SAP PO) in the cloud. SAP had to rebuilt the integration engine to make it possible to offer the functionality in the cloud. Zero downtime, multi tenancy, runtime and data isolation all lead to new infrastructure. The mapping engine however is the same for both PI and HCI. That makes is possible to reuse the integration efforts from the past and helps an easier migration in the future.

SAP promised to deliver a new release for SAP HCI every month, which fastens innovation and will help customers to adopt new functionality sooner.

Current available adapters are for SuccessFactors, OData and REST. These adapters will be available for both SAP HCI as well as SAP PI. That also goes for the preconfigured content. Ready to use integration scenarios (SuccessFactors, Cloud for Customer, Learning Management) to speed up your integration implementation. Partners are stimulated to develop their own adapters or integration scenarios. SAP offers a certification program for partner solutions.

Thanks to Udo, Guido and Igor for organizing a great event. And of course thanks to Q for IT for hosting.

Guido's recap on SCN.
Udo's invite to SAP Info Days on SAP HANA Cloud Integration.


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